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Q*Bee lives in Beeville and has entered a strange portal at the edge of the forest. He's now trapped in a world of blocks and creatures trying to kill him and now needs your help to get him back home.

Q*Bee! is a Q*Bert variant. You must keep jumping on the cubes to change them to the target colour. Every block in the pyramid must be changed in order to complete the level. Each level requires a different strategy, for example, you may have to jump on the cubes twice to change them to the desired colour or the block may revert back to its original colour if you jump on it a second time. The enemies will kill you with one touch but you can avoid them either by jumping on the warp discs (which returns you back to the top of the screen) or by using a limited supply of smart bombs which kills all enemies on screen. Some enemies will follow their own pattern whereas others will chase after you. Some enemies will reverse the changes you've made, although you will be awarded points if you chase and catch them. There are 36 stages divided into 9 Levels of 4 rounds each.

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Credits (ZX Spectrum Next version)

9 People (5 developers, 4 thanks)

Cover Design
Music & Effects
Special Thanks To
Produced by
  • D-Lo Games
  • The ZX Next Hub

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