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TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

aka: TimeSplitters 3

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Critic Reviews 86% add missing review

Vooks ( )

If you find yourself even remotely interested in the FPS genre then this is a must have game for you. It will keep you enthralled for hours on end and will be a truly unforgettable experience. Youll kick yourself if you miss it. The atmosphere is perfect, making the game in itself an experience. Hell, its even got 4 types of monkeys this time around. And you cant go wrong with monkeys can you? This game improves even on the original, if only slightly. Ill even go as far to call it the best FPS on the cube at the moment. TS3 has the whole package, so dont miss out on it or youll regret it.

Mar 21st, 2005 · GameCube · read review

Game Chronicles (9.5 out of 10)

Ok, so I get a little geeked out over TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. It’s easy to see why though, and besides who really wants to run around as a marine who can’t even tape a flashlight to the bottom of his shotgun?

May 15th, 2005 · GameCube · read review

64 Power / big.N / N Games (92 out of 100)

Verbesserte Grafik, verbesserter Sound, verbesserte Synchronisierung, verbessertes Leveldesign und ein verbesserter Mehrspielermodus. MĂŒssen wir noch mehr sagen? Free Radical ist hier ein regelrecht inspirierender Action-Kracher gelungen. Vor allem die Dialoge der Figuren sollten einen Preis bekommen! Es ist lange, lange her, seit wir das letzte Mal wirklich ĂŒber ein Spiel lachen konnte und danach nicht eine einstellige Wertung darunter setzen musste. Wenn Cortez sich mit sich selbst unterhĂ€lt (Wurmlöcher sind ganz was Tolles!) oder krampfhaft versucht, einen geeigneten Superheldenspruch zu finden. darf geschmunzelt werden. So etwas wollen wir sehen: Ein Spiel mit Witz, Action und jeder Menge Melonen! Yeah!

Mar 2005 · GameCube

Game Freaks 365 (9.2 out of 10)

When it comes down to it, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect stands well against nearly all other shooters available today on Xbox, and most definitely on GCN and PS2. The multi-player experience alone makes the game worth it, but the added features, such as the League, add to what amounts to a very long couple weeks of gameplay, possibly months. If you have an affixation with first-person shooters, Free Radical delivered a product worth buying.

2005 · GameCube · read review

Officiel Nintendo Magazine (9 out of 10)

Un mode solo prenant, un mode multi encore plus fun, et des défis complÚtement barrés : TS3 est la nouvelle référence des FPS sur GameCube.

Mar 2005 · GameCube · read review

The Next Level (USA) ( )

Even though the single player mission lasts only about ten hours, there are plenty of challenges and league matches to plow through, which unlock new weapons, cheats, and characters (over 150 in all, each with their own stats if you choose to play multiplayer with them on). And the mapmaker is the most impressive I've ever seen on a console, user-friendly yet full of potential, it even rivals some of the lower and middle-end mapmakers out on PC. Future Perfect is simply fantastic, where around each corner is a rousing surprise, and the story is successful where several others have failed. It is fortified with enough game modes so that it is fully prepared to endure the test of time.

Apr 22nd, 2005 · GameCube · read review

N-Zone (90 out of 100)

Der Humor von Future Perfect ist dank der Nebendarsteller und der Zeitschleifen einfach grandios. Ungeschlagen bleibt auch wieder der Mehrspieler-Part. Die 15 Spielmodi haben einen unglaublichen Unterhaltungswert. Technisch kann es sich trotz Rucklern sehen lassen. Fans des VorgĂ€ngers mĂŒssen zugreifen.

Mar 18th, 2005 · GameCube · read review

Game industry News (GiN) ( )

The bottomline is Time Splitters: Future Perfect is a game you simply should have in your gaming library if you're seriously into FPS games period. No question this is a game that can stand toe-to-toe with all the big time first-person shooters out there. Spectacular graphics, superlative gameplay, solid audio, great voice-overs, and a compelling story plot rocket this new hit into gaming greatness. A full 4 + Gin gems goes out to a highly impressive game that will undoubtedly turn quite a few heads as well as the "hands of time"

2005 · GameCube · read review

Game Informer Magazine (9 out of 10)

If a game’s weight were based solely on the content that it delivered, attempting to remove TimeSplitters Future Perfect from retail shelves would result in your arms being ripped clean off and the game crashing through the floor. From its boisterously entertaining time-travelling story and array of uniquely crafted single-player challenges to its massive multiplayer offering and remarkable mapmaker program, not even a crane could lift this game.

Apr 2005 · GameCube · read review

IGN (8.8 out of 10)

While not reaching the same levels of marketing genius as Nintendo's Pokemon series, Free Radical's TimeSplitters franchise has garnered the independent developer quite a reputation with critics and gamers alike, while keeping the bacon coming home every other year since the series' inception. The TimeSplitters gig is an easy formula to keep going, when you think about it. It's constantly changing time periods, settings, enemies, and weapons, and it's all tied together with a loose story. In a way, Cortez is always on the run trying to collect them all, the time crystals, that is.

Mar 18th, 2005 · GameCube · read review

4Players.de (88 out of 100)

TimeSplitters Future Perfect fesselt von der ersten Minute an! Ich habe in letzter Zeit bei keinem anderen Ego-Shooter so viele verrĂŒckte Ideen, witzige Anspielungen und einen derart großen Umfang erlebt  und das alles verpackt in einer ansprechenden audiovisuellen PrĂ€sentation. War der Storymodus in den VorgĂ€ngern nur schmĂŒckendes Beiwerk, rechtfertigt er nun schon allein den Kauf des Spiels. Mir persönlich machte die Geschichte rund um Sergeant Cortez sogar deutlich mehr Spaß als die teilweise doch etwas zĂ€he Kampagne in Halo 2. Auch wenn der Storymodus hier nicht viel lĂ€nger ausfĂ€llt, bietet er wesentlich mehr Abwechslung. Hinzu kommt nicht nur die hervorragende Steuerung, sondern auch der famose Arcade- und Multiplayermodus. Der heimste fĂŒr seine ĂŒberragende QualitĂ€t schon immer großes Lob ein und startet endlich auch online mit bis zu 16 Mitspielern durch.

Mar 26th, 2005 · GameCube · read review

Jeuxpo.com (8.6 out of 10)

Time Splitters : Future Perfect est un jeu trĂšs accessible qui comblera les amateurs de FPS Cubien. Le mode solo se rĂ©vĂšle trĂšs sympathique, et le mode multi propose un challenge intĂ©ressant. Un troisiĂšme volet efficace donc, Ă  dĂ©faut d'ĂȘtre trĂšs original.

2005 · GameCube · read review

Deaf Gamers (8.5 out of 10)

TimeSplitters Future Perfect is very much in the same vein as the previous games in the series. The story mode (which is fairly short lived) is an improvement on the previous ones though and on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 you have the addition of online play. The GameCube version suffers from a lack of an online mode but with that said it's still an enjoyable game and if you're fortunate enough to have friends who want to play the game with you then split-screen gaming for up to 4 players is still an option. On the whole both versions are great games although you'll probably choose the PlayStation 2 or Xbox version, if you want to add longevity to the game by taking it online.

2005 · GameCube · read review

Armchair Empire, The (8.5 out of 10)

Free Radical has done a great job with TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. While I would have appreciated a better save system it has too much going for it not to recommend it to fans of the franchise or those craving another solid shooter for GameCube.

Apr 8th, 2005 · GameCube · read review

Nintendo Difference (17 out of 20)

TimeSplitters 3 s'impose comme la rĂ©fĂ©rence des FPS sur le cube, mĂȘme si la concurrence est faible. Fun, accessible et bien fait, il ravira tous types de joueurs et surtout ceux qui cherchent un jeu pour s'amuser Ă  plusieurs. Par rapport Ă  son prĂ©dĂ©cesseur on pourra lui reprocher un relatif manque de nouveautĂ©s, un mode Ligue plus court et Ă©ventuellement un manque de variĂ©tĂ© au profit d'un scĂ©nario plus construit. Mais sinon, c'est du tout bon.

Apr 16th, 2005 · GameCube · read review

GameZone (8.4 out of 10)

Time is flying. Summer is coming. All that warm air and fun in the sun has got to go. Save yourself from summer's torture and spend your days inside on the couch where you belong. TimeSplitters: Future Perfect may not be the Halo 2 competitor GameCube needs, but it's got just the right combination of single- and multiplayer goodness to drain the batteries in your WaveBird controllers.

Apr 4th, 2005 · GameCube · read review

The Video Game Critic (B+)

Some of the more interesting arenas include Venice, a disco, and a flying zeppelin. A nice "wide screen" option makes the most of the screen's real estate, and thanks to the option of adding computer "bots", the game plays a mean solo death match. As icing on the cake, Future Perfect even includes a "map maker" that lets you construct your own levels! First-person shooters don't tend to age well, but this would have to rank as one of its best on the GameCube.

Oct 6th, 2009 · GameCube · read review

Game Over Online (82 out of 100)

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect isn't exactly a Game of the Year candidate, but it's a blast for a little while. After spending the few hours it takes to beat the single player game, it's easy to lose even more in the multitude of online and bot matches. Honestly, as far as FPS games on the GameCube go, it really doesn't get too much better than this. It's time to SPLIT!

Apr 14th, 2005 · GameCube · read review

GameSpy ( )

In the end, it's obvious Free Radical had fun crafting TimeSplitters: Future Perfect 
 and it shows. While the story mode is a bit lacking, it shines with all of the other styles of gameplay. There's a huge amount of challenges to face and secrets to unlock. With all the game has to offer, it's well worth the price of admission.

Mar 23rd, 2005 · GameCube · read review

Gamesmania.de (80 out of 100)

Wer Timesplitters bislang gemocht hat, bekommt mit dem dritten Teil genau was er erwartet – eine rundum erweiterte Fortsetzung, die jedoch keine großen SprĂŒnge macht. Der Spielumfang ist wirklich bemerkenswert und man merkt, dass die Designer sichtlich Spaß hatten – denn das Spiel steckt voller Gags und kleiner Ideen, wie die Zwischensequenzen und Minigames zeigen. Wer Shooter am liebsten kooperativ spielt, wird mit Free Radicals neuestem Werk ebenso glĂŒcklich wie Fans von Mehrspieler-Partien. Auch wenn das Gameplay eher simpel gehalten ist. Doch gerade deshalb erlaubt Timesplitters: Future Perfect einen unkomplizierten Spieleinstieg fĂŒr ein Spielchen zwischendurch – dank Online-Modus jetzt auch ohne dass Freunde zugegen sind.

Apr 20th, 2005 · GameCube · read review

Netjak (8 out of 10)

Overall, Future Perfect doesn't break any new ground, and the few things it pulls from other big-name FPS aren't as well done as the games it takes from, but their inclusion is appreciated and could've been done a lot worse. Keep this in mind when considering a purchase. It is indeed more Timesplitters, and for every lackluster feature or addition, there's a great one to counter it. It's not a bad game, it's just nothing new or mind-blowing. It is, most certainly, still a truckload of fun. It's hard to say whether or not Future Perfect is better or worse than TS2, since they both have things going for it the other doesn't. So let's just leave it at the fact that the game isn't a disappointment. By going into Future Perfect with the right expectations, you'll enjoy it that much more.

Apr 18th, 2005 · GameCube · read review

GameSpot (7.6 out of 10)

All in all, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect makes for good, meaningless fun. However, many of its modes don't feel complete. As consoles get more competent at handling the first-person shooter genre, TimeSplitters feels more like a relic from a bygone era. That feeling is further amplified by the GameCube's lack of online support. The game's variety does give it some decent legs, though, and fans of the series' mapmaker functionality will certainly enjoy diving right back into this feature. If you only own a GameCube, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect is a good choice, but if you own multiple consoles and are at all interested in competitive play, this should be your last choice.

Mar 28th, 2005 · GameCube · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (15 out of 20)

Toujours au rendez-vous, l'Ă©quipe de Free Radical nous donne une nouvelle fois une raison de leur faire confiance. Suivant scrupuleusement le schĂ©ma de TS 2, cet opus parvient tout de mĂȘme Ă  sublimer l'aspect graphique du design inhĂ©rent aux dĂ©veloppeurs du studio prĂ©citĂ©, tout en offrant au joueur une expĂ©rience ludique unique. Malheureusement, l'absence de nouveautĂ©s profondes et les lacunes relatives Ă  l'I.A par exemple, empĂȘche TS 3 de parvenir sur la plus haute marche d'un podium disputĂ©. Mais si vous aimez les singes et les canards n'hĂ©sitez pas. Moi j'y retourne.

Mar 25th, 2005 · GameCube · read review

GamePro (US) (3.5 out of 5)

Visually, the game does an excellent job of separating the time periods as the levels share very little in the way of design and texture mapping. Whether it's an Irish castle, a runaway train reminiscent of those in Indiana Jones movies, or a Tron-inspired VR simulation, each of the 16 areas is quite distinct. In case you get bored, an included mapmaker lets you create your own levels and missions, which can then be shared online. Rounding out the package-and ensuring hours of replay value-is the Arcade and Challenge modes. In Arcade, you can face off against bots in any multiplayer mode, while the challenges can range from cat racing to decapitating zombie monkeys with a shotgun.

Mar 22nd, 2005 · GameCube · read review

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