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Sports Car GT

aka: Professional Sports Car Racing, Supreme GT
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Sports Car GT racing at it's best. Compete against world class drivers on a myriad of realistic courses from all over the world. Over 50 real cars to choose from including the Porsche 911, Callaway C7 and C12, BMW M3, Saleen Mustang, Panoz GTR1, McLaren F1 GTR, Mosler Raptor, Vector M12, Lister Storm, and the Mercedes CLK GTR. Blow past the competition and test the true limits of your driving skills.

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Product Manager
DTP Manager
Documentation Editors
Pack and Documentation Layout
Translation Co-ordination
Studio Operations
German Localization Lead
German Translation
German Documentation Layout
German Test Lead
German Tests
German Product Management
American Spirit Racing
Callaway Competition
Champion Porsche
Daimler Benz Ag
McLaren Cars ltd
Mosler Auto
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Average score: 68% (based on 26 ratings)


Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 20 ratings with 1 reviews)

One of the most customizable and realistic racing games of its time.

The Good
In order to properly review this game, I cannot just talk about Sports Car GT (or SCGT for short) as it came from the game studio. However, it was very good at its core, from handling to realism, track detail, and AI. ISI did a great job of recreating the real-life cars and tracks that formed the basis for the game. However, the greatest aspect of the code is that it was easily modified, and this resulted in a large community to support and improve the game.

Not only were mods released to upgrade the graphics and improve the realism, the game also became a platform for all sorts of complete car and track add-ons to turn it into any number of different games. From open-wheel racers to sports cars, touring cars and stock cars, and all things in between. Many tracks were created, both real and fictional, to allow for plenty of unique races. Want to race a Ferrari on a figure-8 track, or take a Winnebago for a spin on the Nurburgring? It's all possible in SCGT. In fact, so many new cars and tracks were released that it would be impossible to have them all installed at once. Track managers and new executables were created to make this problem easier to manage.

The Bad
Of course, SCGT was not without its flaws. With the flexible game engine also came some glitches and crashes. It was slightly prone to bugs from the start, and adding mods only made things more complicated. Tracking down a bug to one mod or another could be very frustrating at times. Sometimes a crash could be blamed on improper mod installation, or a mistake by the creator of the mod. However, at times the game would crash for no identifiable reason.

Also, the game does not support the yellow caution flag for racing incidents. Visual damage was not enabled from the box, although it was added later by an unofficial patch which simply re-enabled the piece of code that was not initially activated. There were some other limitations on the realism, such as dynamic weather and AI performance on banked turns.

The Bottom Line
Overall, SCGT was a masterpiece. It set the benchmark for many sim-racing games to follow, both in terms of realism and customization, and it outlasted similar offerings in popularity.

Windows · by Nikolaus Zier (61) · 2009


A "bundled" Windows version was given along with the Logitech wheel peripheral Wingman Formula Force GT.

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