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Last Call!

aka: Happy Hour

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Gamer's Pulse (81 out of 100)

Overall, it’s an interesting premise. A full bar sim has not been done before, to my knowledge. It's a shame that the uniqueness of the game is also what keeps it from having much in the way of replayability; but what more can you do with a game in a bar?

Jun 23rd, 2000 · Windows · read review

Mac Ledge ( )

Often a $20 game is worth just about that...twenty dollars. In this case, while there is quite a bit of repetition by the characters, and the interface could have allowed for larger items behind the bar, Last Call offers lots of adult fun, and it's fair to say that you get more than you pay for. While I wouldn't call it a serious simulation of bartending methods, it comes close; but what it definitely scores on is offering up laughs and glimpses of what it takes to be a master mixocologist.

May 21st, 2000 · Macintosh · read review

All Game Guide ( )

Controls in the game are easy but do require a bit of familiarization. You click on the bottles of liquor and drag them over the glass, blender, straining glass or shaker until they start to tilt. Clicking and holding pours the liquor. If you've ever wondered if the life of a bartender is really like that portrayed in the movie Cocktail, here's your chance to find out. Last Call offers laughs, drink recipes and a bit of fun to enliven your time in front of the computer.

2000 · Windows · read review

Inside Mac Games (IMG) (6 out of 10)

The latest title from Simon and Schuster Interactive is not your typical game. Last Call is a new simulation game, only this time it is not a city simulator or a flight simulator. This game is a bartending simulator. In this game, the player takes on the role as the new bartender at the Last Call Lounge. The ultimate goal of the game is to earn as many tips as you can by closing time.

Aug 14th, 2000 · Macintosh · read review

ESC Magazine (6 out of 10)

Again, this is a bargain title. For the price, it’s an amusing distraction that’ll give you a taste of life behind the bar — and probably will teach you some new recipes to boot. Cheers to that.

Dec 1st, 2000 · Windows · read review

LudoMac (5 out of 10)

A ma grande surprise le jeu est plutout plaisant et les graphismes mĂȘme si ils sont en 2 dimensions avec une rĂ©solution fixĂ©e Ă  640x480 sont tres agrĂ©ables. Les nombreuses animations que possedent vos clients ainsi que l'humour omniprĂ©sent dans le jeu contribuent Ă  faire de Last Call un bon petit jeu qui vous fera passer un tres bon moment pour un prix rĂ©duit ( environ 100F sur le site de l'Ă©diteur. ). De plus au bout de quelques heures passĂ©es sur Last Call, vous deviendrez vĂ©ritablement imbattable en boissons et pourrez Ă©pater tout le monde avec des cocktails dignes de vrai professionnels. On peut toutefois regretter que le jeu soit plutout linĂ©aire. Le bar ou vous travaillez ne change jamais et les clients mĂȘme si ils sont nombreux finissent pas se rĂ©pĂ©ter

Mar 9th, 2002 · Macintosh · read review

Game Revolution (C)

So anyway, the bottom line is that Last Call will teach you how to make drinks, which is very cool, but it's just not much of a game. This is meant to be played in place of Solitaire, not Starcraft. At a mere 20 bucks, prospective bartenders and raging alcoholics have to pick it up, but casual drinkers might just want to pass...out....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....

Mar 1st, 2000 · Windows · read review

Meristation (2 out of 10)

Lo mejor del "juego" es que tienes un libro de recetas de bebidas en el ordenador, para usarlas cuando quieras en tus fiestas. Porque el juego en sĂ­ es muy flojo y en un par de horas lo acabaremos dejando en el estante.

Oct 19th, 2001 · Windows · read review

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