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The Lemmings Chronicles

aka: All New World of Lemmings, Lemmings 3
Moby ID: 1752

[ Amiga ] [ DOS ]

DOS credits (1994)

28 people with 34 credits.

Programming Russel Elliot, Robert Parsons, Keith R. Hamilton, Steven Reid
Graphics / Artwork Darren Baines, Kenneth Fee, Lenny Lane, Patrick McGovern, Stewart Waterson
Producer David Jones
Art Director David Osborne
Software Support Michael Dailly, Steven Reid
Lemming Animation Gary Timmons
Intro Sequence Lenny Lane
Product Manager Michelle Harris
Manual, Story, and some Background Steven Hammond
Cover Illustration Dave Pether
Packaging & Manual Design Heather Hesketh, Southport, Keith Hopwood
Level / Scenario Design Craig Arbuthnott, Tony Colgan, Kenneth Fee, Martin Good, Patrick McGovern, Gary Timmons, Stewart Waterson, Keith Whelan, John Whyte
Quality Assurance Stuart Allen, Jeff Culshaw, Jenny Newby, Mark O'Connor
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