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Tengai Makyō III: Namida

aka: Far East of Eden: Namida
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The inhabitants of Takachiho village in Tsukusu, western Jipang, are believed to be the descendants of the legendary Fire Clan, protectors of Jipang who fight evil demons. One day, a boy named Namida is washed up on their shore. Namida cannot remember anything from his past. He is rescued by a girl named Ichiyo, and the two grow up together like brother and sister. However, during a local festival, evil spirits are accidentally unleashed into the world, and chaos engulfs Tsukusu. Ichiyo is kidnapped by for mysterious reasons by demonic creatures. It's time for Namida to begin the most dangerous adventure of his life, rescue Ichiyo, and find out the truth about his origins.

Tengai Makyō III: Namida is the sixth Tengai Makyō role-playing game, and the third in the main series (following Manjimaru). Like most of its predecessors, it is set in Jipang, a fantasy land that reminds medieval Japan. The game features similar setting, humor, and gameplay system to other installments of the series. It utilizes a standard Japanese role-playing system with turn-based battles, weapon and accessory equipment, physical attacks and special techs, magic, etc. The enemies are random and often appear in very large groups, but the player can also target a whole group of enemies even with physical attacks.

As with previous games, players receive magical spells from "Tengu's Retreats" (little houses scattered across the country) and exchange them freely between party members. Active party contains up to three combatants; however, a larger number of characters join Namida on his quest, and they can be substituted by the player for the most part. In this game there is a wider variety of special techs, and it is possible to use them repeatedly in battles in order to master them and discover new ones.


  • 天外魔境III - Chinese spelling (simplified)
  • 天外魔境III: NAMIDA - Japanese spelling

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Production Directors (制作総指揮)
Original Work (原作)
Planning (企画)
Supervision (監修)
Music Supervisor (音楽監督)
Composer (作編曲)
Orchestra Conductor (オーケストラ指揮)
Orchestra (オーケストラ演奏)
  • New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra [新日本フィルハーモニー交響楽団]
Illustrator (絵師)
Vocals (歌)
Lyrics (作詞)
Music (作曲)
Arrangement (編曲)
Conductor (指揮)
Performance (演奏)
  • New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra [新日本フィルハーモニー交響楽団]
Namida (ナミダ)
Ichiyo (壱与)
Ushibōzu (牛坊主)
Tsugumi (ツグミ)
Tonkararin (トンカラリン)
Miya (ミヤ)
Tametomo (為朝)
Oni Ichiban (鬼一番)
Tōbei (藤兵衛)
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"Namida" can easily win the title of "the most delayed Japanese RPG in history". Shortly after the second game in the series was released for Turbo CD in 1992, Hudson released Kabuki Den, whose story was closely related to the one of the second game. It wasn't considered a true sequel, but more of a gaiden (side story). Since there were already three Tengai Makyou games for the Turbo CD, Hudson decided to develop the sequel for a more advanced platform, the PC FX. Due to various reasons, the release was delayed, and meanwhile Hudson released The Apocalypse for Saturn, which got the number 4 in the series. The long-anticipated third game was very close to being released in 1998, when Hudson canceled it due to lack of popularity of PC FX, and soon thereafter announced they will develop a game for next generation console, featuring 3D graphics. First they planned a GameCube release in 2002, but it was also canceled. Finally, after 11 (!) years of waiting, the game was released for Playstation 2.

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