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B-17 Flying Fortress

aka: B-17 Flying Fortress: World War II Bombers in Action
Moby ID: 1756

[ Amiga ] [ Atari ST add ] [ DOS ] [ Windows add ]

Amiga credits (1993)

26 people with 31 credits.

Software Dominic Robinson, Ian Martin, Andrew Walrond
3D Shape Design Derrick Austin
Map Design Derrick Austin, Mark Griffiths, Ian Martin
Artwork Mark Griffiths, Dean Betton, Suzy Lockyer
Music Programming Andrew Parton
Original Music Composition John Broomhall
Game Design Mike Brunton
Project Manager Steve Ramsden
Publishers Paul Hibbard-Teall, Peter Moreland
Quality Assurance Testing Andrew Luckett, Andrew Gray, Philip McDonnell, Nick Stokes, Peter Woods
Product Manager Andy Craven
Sound Effects Graeme Baird
Manual Written and Researched by Alkis Alkiviades
Manual Designer Joanna Smith
Typesetting by Sarah Kerr
Picture Research Alkis Alkiviades, Julie Burness
Aircract Illustrations by Blue Chip Tel: 0666 824183
Graphics by Brushwork Tel: 0705 837742
Packaging by Julie Burness
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