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Neon Struct: Carrion Carrier

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In an alternate, cyberpunk-themed version of 1985, a courier makes a living by quickly and covertly delivering items around San Francisco at night.

Neon Struct: Carrion Carrier is a first-person speedrunning game developed for the A Game By Its Cover 2020 game jam, set in the same universe as 2015's Neon Struct: Die Augen der Welt. The player is tasked with picking up items at kiosks or payphones and delivering them to mailboxes in as little time as possible in order to receive credits. While there are no ultimatums on the deliveries themselves, the player has an energy bar (which functions like a health bar) which steadily decreases by the second, and the only way to refill it is by visiting energy pads scattered around the city. Energy is exchanged for credits; the more energy received, the higher the cost in credits, incentivizing the player to complete jobs as quickly as possible in order to conserve energy and credits.

Credits can also be spent on upgrades that make traversing the city easier, such as double-jump, speed boost, or power slide. Some assignments carry an optional time limit that will award the player bonus credits if completed within a specific amount of time. Parts of the city that are in 'lockdown' contain surveillance cameras that will instantly fine the player 50 credits for trespassing if caught, adding a stealth element to the game by forcing the player to avoid entering the cameras' field of vision while traversing the city.

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