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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Extraction

aka: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Parasite, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Quarantine

[ Luna ] [ PlayStation 4 ] [ PlayStation 5 ] [ Stadia ] [ Windows ] [ Xbox One ] [ Xbox Series ]

Windows credits (2022)

4,791 People (4,605 developers, 186 thanks)

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Extraction

In Memory Of

Development Team Ubisoft Montreal

Senior Producer
Game Director
Production Director
Brand Director
Pipeline Lead Programmer
AI & Gameplay Lead Programmer
Online Lead Programmer
Animation Artistic Director
Level Design Director
Audio Director
Graphic Artistic Director
Narrative Director
User Experience Director
Design Technical Directors
Audio Technical Director
Graphic Technical Director
Live Producer
Associate Game Directors
Lead Game Designers
Associate Narrative Director
Graphic Assistant Artistic Directors
Level Design Assistant Directors
Visual Design Associate Assistant Director
Animation Assistant Technical Directors
Graphic Assistant Technical Director
World Associate Producer
Codev Associate Producer
AI & Gameplay Associate Producer
Presentation & Online Associate Producer
Presentation Production Manager
Outsourcing Production Manager
Audio Production Manager
World Production Manager
Project Lead Quality Control
Gameplay Production Manager
Character Production Manager
AI Production Manager
Co-Development Production Manager
Localization Project Manager
World Project Manager
Online Project Manager
Codev Outsourcing Project Manager
Production Coordinators

Development Team Ubisoft Montreal: Design

Game Designers
Previsualization Game Designer
Game Economy Designer
Level Designers
UX Designers

Development Team Ubisoft Montreal: Programming

3D Team Lead
Engine Team Lead
Gameplay Team Lead
AI Team Lead
UI Team Leads
Automated Test Team Lead
Tools Team Lead
Online Technical Lead
AI Technical Lead
3D Technical Lead
Tools Technical Lead
Engine Technical Lead
Gameplay Technical Leads
UI Technical Lead
Physics Technical Lead
Technical Architect
3D Programmers
AI Programmers
Engine Programmers
Gameplay Programmers
Generalist Programmers
Network Programmers
Online Programmers
QA Programmer
Sound Programmer
Tools Programmers
UI Programmers
Web Developers
Release & Build Master
Release & Build Specialists
Tool Support Specialists
Quality Assurance Analyst
Live Operation Managers
Live Operation Project Manager
Game Release Manager
Game Release Specialist
Operations Analyst - Quality Assurance
System and Online Operation Specialist

Development Team Ubisoft Montreal: Art

UI Graphic Design Team Lead
Animation Team Lead
World Graphic Design Team Lead
Concept Artists
Character Modelers
Gameplay Animators
Level Artists
Technical Artists
Special Effects Artists
Texture Artists
User Interface Artists

Development Team Ubisoft Montreal: Audio

Production Coordinator
Audio Artist
Audio Designers
Voice Designer

Development Team Ubisoft Montreal: Marketing

Product Director
Product Managers
Associate Product Manager
Capture Director
Capture Artist
2D-3D Artists

Development Team Ubisoft Montreal: Development Tester Team

Development Test Team Leads
Development Test Coordinators
AI Development Testers
Audio Development Testers
Engine Development Testers
Level Design Development Testers
Mission Development Testers
Object Bank Development Testers
Online Development Testers
Ops Development Testers
Progression Development Testers
UI/UX Development Testers

Development Team Ubisoft Montreal: Human Resources

Human Resources Partners

Development Team Ubisoft Bucharest

Associate Producers
Project Coordinators
Game Director
Game Designers
Content Director
Design Technical Director
Associate Level Design Technical Director
Lead Level Designer
Associate Lead Level Designer
Level Designers
Lead Programmer
Programming Technical Director
Gameplay Programmers
Online Programmers
Lead Artists
Technical Art Direction
Technical Artists
Environment Artists
Concept Artists
Release & Build Specialists
Lead Development Tester
Development Testers

Development Team Ubisoft Bordeaux

Associate Producers
Project Coordinators
Content Director
Associate Content Director
Game Designers
Technical Game Designers
Level Designer
Narrative Designer
Lead Programmers
Engine Programmers
3D Programmers
Online Programmers
Tools Programmer
Release & Build Specialist
Associate Lead Gameplay Programmer
Gameplay Programmers
Lead Development Tester
Development Testers
Live Ops Specialist
Art Technical Director
Associate Art Technical Director
Technical Artist
Lead UI Artist
UI Artist
3D Artist
VFX Artists
Lighting Artist
Animation Artist
Concept Artists
Sound Designer

Development Team Ubisoft Saguenay

Studio General Manager
Associate Producer
Production Manager
Production Coordination
Lead Gameplay Programmer
Team Lead Gameplay Programmer
Gameplay Programmers
Team Lead UI Programmer
UI Programmers
Gameplay Programming Intern
3D Animator
Assistant Artistic Director
Assistant Graphic Technical Director
Team Lead Modeling
3D Modelers
Concept Artist
Graphic Designers
Development Tester

Development Team Ubisoft Belgrade

Associate Producer
Project Coordinators
Associate Lead Level Designer
Level Designers
Associate Lead Artist
Technical Artist


Localization Project Manager
Localization Technical Specialist
Localization Consultant

French Version

Game Script Content Manager

French Version Recording Studio: Keywords Studios France

Audio Project Managers
Voice Direction
Sound Engineer Managers
Recording Engineers
Post Production
Voice Talents

Italian Version by Keywords Studios

Project Management
Translation and Adaptation
Casting & Voice Direction
Studio Engineers/Post Production
Audio QA
Voice Talents

German Version by 4-Real Intermedia GmbH

Project Management
Voice Recording
  • 4-Real Studios
Studio Engineers
Voice Direction
Voice Talents

Spanish Version by Perfect Sound

Project Management
Casting & Voice Direction
Studio Engineers/Post Production
Audio QA
Voice Talents

Latin American Spanish Version by Perfect Sound

Project Management
Translation & Review
Casting & Voice Direction
Studio Engineers/Post Production
Audio QA
Voice Talents

Brazilian Version: Local Heroes Worldwide B.V.

Translation Project Management
Lead Audio Manager
  • C.A. Produ√ß√Ķes
Lead Studio Engineer
Studio Engineer
Pre/Post-Production Engineers
Voice Talents

Russian Version by Logrus IT

Project Managers
Artistic and Dubbing Direction
Sound Production Managers
Voice Talents

Japanese Version by Ubisoft K.K.

General Manager
Sales Director
Senior Communications Manager
Release Management Director, Asia
Communications Manager
Digital Sales Uplay Manager
ESports Brand Manager
Product Manager
Supply Chain Manager, Asia
Logistics and Sales Coordinator
Key Account Manager
Creative Services Manager
Release Management Managers
Localization Manager
Consumer Experience Area Manager, Asia
Consumer Experience Manager, Asia
Team Lead Community Management APAC
Community Representatives
Translation and Adaptation
  • entalize co., ltd.
Voice Recording
  • entalize co., ltd.
Voice Talents
  • entalize co., ltd.

Korean Version by Ubisoft Entertainment Korea

General Manager
Senior Brand Managers
Junior Brand Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Social Media & Influencing Manager
ESports Manager
Release Management Managers

Korean Version Localization Vendor: Globalway Co., Ltd.

Project 1 Team Manager
Lead PM
Translation & Testing

Traditional Chinese Version by Ubisoft Limited

Managing Director
Marketing Director
Brand Managers
Senior Marketing Manager
Digital Sales Manager
Communications and PR Manager
Digital Marketing Associate
Release Manager
Localization Coordinators

Polish Version: Gamekeeper

Polish Version
  • Gamekeeper

Turkish Version by 23 Studios

Translation Project Manager

Arabic Version by Arlation LLC

Localization Manager
Project Management

Simplified Chinese Version by OneSky Inc.

Translation Project Managers
Business Director

Thai Version by Defiant Seagull U.G.

Translation Project Manager

Linguistic Testing by Ubisoft QC-LOC

QC Localization Team Lead
Jr. QC Localization Team Lead
Project Owner

Linguistic Testing by Ubisoft QC-LOC: Localization Testers

Latin American Spanish

Ubisoft Taipei Testing

Test Lead

Localization Testers: Play4Fun Co., Ltd.

Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Keywords Studios

Localization QA Manager
Localization QA Project Manager
Test Lead

Keywords Studios: Localization Testers


Alice Studio

Directors - Alice Studio
Production Manager - Alice
Technical Director Mocap
Sound Supervisor
Sound Team Lead
Project Managers Audio
Sound and Mixing Specialist
Sound Hardware Technical Lead
Sound Technicians
Sound Designers
External Audio Studios
  • FX Squared Sound Design Inc.
  • Hyperbolic Audio LLC
Mocap Shoot Managers
Team Lead Mocap
Mocap Specialists
Mocap Technicians
Camera Operators
Production Assistants
Production Assistants Helmet
Boom Operators
Set Medic
  • Groupe √Čquipe M√©dicale inc.
  • M√©dic on set
Team Lead Programmer
Technical Lead
Technical Artist
Tools Programmers
Technical Lead-Hardware
Actor and Talent Management Specialists
Stunt Coordinator
Stunt Performers
Motion Capture Performers
Voice Directors
Dialect Coaches
Main Voice Talents
Voice Talent
Additional Thanks


Helix Director
Creative Directors
Production Directors
Technology Operations Director
Production Managers
Production Coordinators
Artistic Directors
2D-3D Artists
VFX Supervisor
Assistant Artistic Directors
Video Directors
Technical Artist
2D Compositor
Capture Team Lead
Capture Artists
Technical Lead Programmer
Generalist Programmers
Technical Lead - Hardware
Technical Leads
Technical Artists
Build and Release Specialist
Tools Programmers

Helix - Live

Production Manager
2D Artists

Helix - Cinematiques

Specialiste Caméra Cinématiques

Montreal User Research Lab

User Research Lab Director
User Research Manager
Game Analytics Manager
Business Intelligence Manager
Team Leads Analytics
Team Lead Tools Programming
Team Leads User Research
Team Lead Data Science
Team Lead Business Intelligence Developer
Player Experience Project Manager
Game Intelligence Analysts
Business Intelligence Developer
Data Scientists
User Research Analysts
Tools Support Specialist
Tools Programmers
User Research Moderators
Lab Coordinators

DNA Montreal Team

Development Directors
UX Director
Team Leads
Technical Lead
Technical Architect
Data Architect
Product Managers
Product Specialist
Tool Support Specialists
Online Programmers
Generalist Programmers
Data Programmer
Web Developers
Web Programmer
Data Scientists
3D Programmers
UX Designer
System Specialists
Administrative Coordinator

DNA Chengdu Team

DNA Lead
Product Managers
Team Leads
UX Designer
BI Programmers
Tech Operations Specialists
Development Testers
Web Programmers

DNA Bucharest Team

Team Lead Tools & Automatization
Software Test Team Lead
Software Testers
Tools Programmers
Game Testers

DNA Paris Team

Analytics Tools Manager
Data Tools Programmers

IT Production Services: Management Team

Director of Production Services
Associate Director
Operations Managers
Client Manager

IT Production Services: Deepsense Team

Business Analyst
Data Scientist

IT Production Services: Co-Dev Team

Project Managers

IT Production Services: Core Solutions Team

Solutions Architect
Project Managers
Business Analyst
Tech Leads
Application Administrator

IT Production Services: Tech Automation Team

Project Manager
Technical Architect
Tech Leads
Tools Developers
Cloud Developer
Application Specialist

IT Production Services: Distribution Team

Team Leads
Application Specialists

IT Production Services: Source Control Team

Team Leads
Application Specialists

IT Production Services: Productivity Team

Team Leads
Application Specialists
System Administrators

IT Production Services: TG Ops Team

Team Lead
Application Specialists
System Administrators

IT Live Games

Director - IT Live Games
Director - IT Live Games Squads - EMEA & APAC
Director - IT Live Games Squads - NCSA & Coordination Team
Director - Geist
Associate Director - Monitoring & Command Center
Service Delivery Manager
Project and Account Manager
IT Business Analyst
Solutions Architect
Squad Lead
Systems Administrators

Technology Group: TG Management

Executive Director
Development Director
Production Director
Product Directors
Project Leads - Programming
Product Managers
Project Manager
Strategic Partner Manager

Technology Group: Transversal Specialists

Administrative Coordinators
Internal Community Specialist
Data Analyst
Technical Writer

AI & Gameplay (Pilot, ML.Framework, Atlas)

Team Leads
Technical Leads
Product Specialist
QA Programmer

Animation & DCC (Reflex, Facebuilder, GameX, UDCC, BioniK)

Team Lead
Technical Director
Technical Lead
Product Specialists

Content Pipeline (Flo, Flare, Candyshop, Ikonos, Portfolio)

Team Leads
Technical Leads
Technical Artist
Product Specialist
Content Specialist

CVD (Productivity, Square, Build DB, CD Tracker, Dtest)

Team Leads
Technical Leads
Product Specialist
Release and Build Specialists

Debug & Profiling (Gear studio, BoomBoom, Clever, BI, Synapse, Gravity)

Team Leads
Product Specialists
Technical Architect
Technical Leads
Data Developers
Data Scientists

Framework (Gear, Fusion, Runway, Virga)

Team Leads
Technical Architects
Technical Lead

Narrative (Oasis)

Team Lead
Technical Lead
Product Specialists

UI (Fire, Phoenix, Graffiti)

Production Manager
Product Specialist
Technical Lead
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Software Testing

Team Leads Tools & Support Specialists
QA Analysts
QA Programmers
Software Testers

Tools User Experience

Team Leads Ergonomists
Team Lead UI Designer
Graphic Technical Director
UI Designers


Online Technology Director
Product Director
Service Director
Production Director
Platform Positioning Director
Development Directors
Online Technical Operations Directors
Harbour APAC Manager
Programming Leads
Technical Architects
Online Architect
Product Managers
Dev Relations Managers
Team Leads
Technical Leads
Devs Ops Engineer
Data Engineer
Software Engineer
Cloud Engineer
Online Programmers
Network Programmers
Data Base Administrator
Web Developers
Tools & Middleware Developer
Project Managers
Programming Products Specialist
UX Designer
Quality Assurance Analysts
System & Online Operation Specialists
Tool Support Specialists
Release & Build Specialist
Online Services Specialists
Data Scientist
Data Analyst
Development Testers
Internal Community Specialists
Graphic Designer

Quality Control Studio Montreal

Worldwide Quality Control Director
Montreal Quality Control Manager
Lead Compliance Specialists
On-Site Compliance Coordinators
Compliance Specialists
UOR/Networking Lead
UOR/Networking Specialists
Tracking Lead
Tracking Specialists

Quality Control Studio Ubisoft Kyiv

Studio Managing Director
QC Director
QC Manager
QC Project Manager
QC Project Leads - Functionality
Test Coordinators
Functionality Testers
FTC Specialists

Quality Control Studio Ubisoft Pune

Studio Managing Director
QC Director
QC Development Director
QC Operations Director
QC Manager - Process Improvement and Coordination
QC Project Manager
UX Lead
UX Specialists
Senior QC Project Lead - Functionality
QC Project Leads - Functionality
Associate QC Leads - Functionality
Functionality Testers

Quality Control Studio Ubisoft Special Test

Audio-Video Lead
Audio-Video Specialists
PC Requirements Lead
Associate PC Requirements Lead
PC Requirements Project Lead
PC Requirements Specialists
PC Accessibility Lead
PC Accessibility Project Lead
PC Accessibility Specialists

Ubisoft Connect

Lead Producer
Core Team
Production & Site Directors
Production & People Management
Development & Programming
System Administration & Infrastructure
Game Design & Scriptwriting
Quality Assurance, Automation & Tooling
Technical & Live Operations
Account Management
Analytics & Data Science
Brand, Marketing & Live Content

Functionality Testers (Global Step)

Global Step Team Leads
Global Step Testers

Sperasoft, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Account Manager
Project Manager
Technical Director
UX Designer
UI Developers
UI Artists
QA Engineers

Behaviour Team

Technical Lead Programmer
Game Designer
3D Animator
Technical Animator
VFX Artist
3D Character Artist
Dev QA
Concept Artist
Sound Designer
Executive Producer
Executive Vice President
VP Production, Studios
Head of Creative, Studios
Head of Live Operations, Studios
Head of Art
Head of Technology, Studios
Head of Central Services

Digic Pictures

Supervising Director
Project Art Director
CG Supervisor
Project Manager
Primary Account Manager

Digic Pictures: Directorial Division

Director of Directorial, Art Direction and Editorial Divisions
Assistant Director
Narrative Director
Mocap Performers

Digic Pictures: Previs Unit

Storyboard Artist
Previs Lead
Senior Previs Artist
Previs Artists
Production Assistant
Outsource Coordinator

Digic Pictures: Editorial Division


Digic Pictures: Art Direction

Senior Coordinator
Production Assistant
Senior Concept Artist
Concept Artists
Motion Graphics Designer

Digic Pictures: Character Division

Character Division Director
Project Art Director for Character Division
Character Division Lead
Character Supervisor
Production Assistant

Digic Pictures: Modeling Unit

Character Modeling Unit Lead
Character Modeling Lead
Senior Character Modelers
Character Modelers
Junior Character Modeller

Digic Pictures: Rigging Unit

Rigging Unit Lead
Senior Rigging TDs
Rigging TDs
Junior Rigging TDs

Digic Pictures: Grooming Unit

Grooming Unit Lead
Grooming Lead
Senior Grooming Artist
Grooming Artists

Digic Pictures: Surfacing Unit

Character Surfacing Unit Lead
Character Surfacing Lead
Senior Surfacing Artist
Surfacing Artists
Junior Surfacing Artist

Digic Pictures: Asset TD Unit

Character Asset TD Unit Lead
Character Asset TDs
Junior Asset TD

Digic Pictures: Environment Division

Environment Division Director
Environment Supervisor
Environment Division Lead
Lead Environment Artist

Digic Pictures: Modeling and Texturing Unit

Senior Environment Artists
Environment Artists
Junior Environment Artist

Digic Pictures: Concept and Matte Paint Unit

Matte Paint Unit Lead
Senior Concept Artist
Junior Matte Painter

Digic Pictures: Shading Unit

Shading Unit Lead
Environment Shading TD

Digic Pictures: Animation Division

Animation Division Director
Art Director for Animation Division
Senior Coordinator
Production Assistants

Digic Pictures: Animation Unit

Lead Animators
Senior Animators
Junior Animators

Digic Pictures: Background Animation Unit

Layout and Background Unit Lead
Crowd TD

Digic Pictures: Animation TD Unit

Animation TD Unit Lead
Junior Animation TDs

Digic Pictures: Technical Animation Unit

Technical Animation Unit Lead
Technical Animation Lead
Technical Animators
Junior Technical Animators

Digic Pictures: Lighting and Compositing, FX

Director of Lighting and Compositing, Effect, Shot Divisions
Director of Lighting and Compositing Division
Effect Division Director
Senior Coordinator
Production Assistant

Digic Pictures: Lighting and Compositing Division

Lighting and Compositing Supervisor
Lighting and Compositing Leads
Lighting and Compositing Artists
Junior Lighting and Compositing Artist

Digic Pictures: Effect Division

Effect Supervisor
Senior Effect Artists
Effect Artists
Junior Effect Artist

Digic Pictures: Shot and Rendering Division

Director of Lighting and Compositing, Effect, Shot Divisions
Shot Supervisor
Shot Division Lead
Lead Shot TDs
Shot TD
Junior Shot TDs

Digic Pictures: Account Management Division

Director of Account Division
Account Manager

Digic Pictures: CG Technology Division

Chief Technology Officer
CG Technology Lead
CG Developer
Pipeline and Script Developer
Junior Python Developer

Digic Pictures: Project Management and Production Technologies Division

Production Technologies Director

Digic Pictures: Production Supervision Unit

Scheduling Supervisor
Production Controller
Process Analyst

Digic Pictures: Production Development Unit

Production Developers

Digic Pictures: Management Division

Head of CG
Chief Operation Officer
Chief Business and Legal Affairs Officer
Chief Financial Officer

Digic Pictures: Sales Division

Sales Support Lead

Digic Pictures: Communication Division

PR and Communication Manager
Communication Coordinator
Marketing and Business Affairs Manager

Digic Pictures: Legal Division

Legal Coordinator

Digic Pictures: HR Division

HR Director
Senior Learning and Development Expert
HR Manager
HR Generalist
Learning and Development Specialist
People Experience Manager

Digic Pictures: Digic Services

Head of Digic Services
Project Manager of Digic Services

Digic Pictures: Motion Capture Division

Mocap Division Lead
Mocap Specialist
Junior Mocap Specialist

Digic Pictures: Photoscan Division

Lead of 3D Photo Scan Division
Senior Photoscan TD
Photoscan TDs
Visual Development Artist
Electrical Equipment Expert

Technicolor Games: Management

Vice President, Games
Vice President, Business Development
Executive Producer
Head of Creative Operations - A&G
Head of Production
Head of Creative Operations - Games
Supervising Producer
Production Manager
Production Coordinator

Technicolor Games: Programming/Technical Artists

Technical Director
Technical Supervisor
Team Lead
Junior Technical Artist

Technicolor Games: QC / Directors, Supervisors & Leads

Art Directors
HOD - Assets
Senior Supervisor
Team Leads

Technicolor Games: Art / Artists

Art / Artists

Development Team Virtuos Chengdu: Management Team

Managing Director
General Manager, Chengdu Studio
Art Studio Director of Virtuos Chengdu Studio
Production Director
Assistant Production Director
Concept Art Director
Character Art Director
Tech Art Director
Concept Art Producers
Character Art Producer
Assistant Art Producer
Concept Team Leads

Development Team Virtuos Chengdu: Tech Art Artists

Tech Art Artist

Development Team Virtuos Chengdu: IT

Senior System Administrator

Development Team Virtuos Chengdu: QC


Development Team Virtuos Chengdu: Concept Artists

Concept Artists

Development Team Virtuos Chengdu: Character Artists

Character Artists

Development Team Virtuos Chengdu: Business and Marketing

Sr Business Development Managers
Codevelopment Success Manager
Account Manager
General Manager, North America

Studios Management: Ubisoft Montréal

Managing Director
Executive Vice-President, Operations
Executive Vice-President, Technology
Vice-President, Talents
Vice-President, Communications

Studios Management: Ubisoft Montréal - Harbour

Executive Director, Online

Studios Management: Ubisoft Montréal - Production Services, Studios & IT

Executive Director, Production Services Studios

Studios Management: Ubisoft Bucharest

Subsidiary Managing Director
Studio Production Manager
HR and Operations Director
HR Manager Production Studio
HR Production Studio
Educational Programs
Project Assistant
Purchasing Manager
Production Operations Manager
User Research Manager Bucharest
User Research Analysts Bucharest
Communication & PR
Cost Control
Assets Management

Studios Management: Ubisoft Belgrade

Studio Production Manager
HR Manager
Production Manager
HR Production Studio

Ubisoft International Production HQ

President and CEO
Executive Director, Worldwide Studios
Chief Studios Operating Officer
VP, Production Management
Senior HQ Producer
HQ Producer
Associate HQ Producer

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Production Audits & Project Closing

Production Audits & Closers Senior Manager
Project Closer

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Line Designers

VP Editorial
Senior Line Designer
Line Designer

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Marketability Project

Director, Marketability Project
Associate Director, Marketability Project
Event Content Manager

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Editorial Creative Services

Senior Imagery Developer
Imagery Developer
UI-UX Specialist
Research Unit Director
Inspirational Content Advisors
Lead Editorial Narrative

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Editorial Technology

VP Editorial Technology
Projects Director, Editorial Technology
Lead Content Designer
Scientific Director

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Open Innovation Accelerator

VP, Live Operations
Senior Open Innovation Manager
Open Innovation Senior Manager
Communication Coordinator

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Release Management

Release Management & Localization Director
Group Release Manager
Age Rating Manager
Release Manager
Store Front Specialists

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Online Services Team

VP, Online Services
Strategic Project Manager Online Services
Online Technologies Manager
Online Technical Coordination Manager
Technical Advisor
Business Dev Director
Online Services Portfolio Director
Marketing & Loyalty Director
Marketing & Loyalty Group Manager
Marketing Artist
Brand Manager
Live Account Manager
Junior Content Manager
Communication Coordinator

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Web Services Team

Web Services Director
Associate Director
Senior Group Managers
Group Manager
Senior Technical Program Manager
Senior Technical Project Manager
Senior Project Managers
Program Managers
Project Managers
Business Analyst
Design Group Manager
UX Team Lead
UX Designers
Associate UX Designer
UI Team Lead
UI Designers
Lead UI Designer (Kyiv)
Associate UI Designer
Associate Development Director
Lead Front-End Engineer
Front-End Team Lead
Senior Front-End Engineer
Front-End Engineers
Creative Front-End Engineer
Live Team Manager
Technical Operations Manager
Technical Operations Coordinator
Live Operations Manager
Live Operations Coordinator
Support and Operations Specialist
Account Manager
Infrastructure Team Manager
Technical Specialist

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Financial Planning, Studio Operations

VP, Financial Planning, Studio Operations & QC

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Financial Planning

Financial Planning Senior Director
Financial Planning and Production BP Director

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Studio Operations

Director Studio Operations
Studio Operations Coordinators

Ubisoft International Production HQ: WW QC

WW QC Director
WW QC Operations Director
WW QC/QA Development Director

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Live Revenues Strategy

Business Strategy & Live Performance Director
Manager Live Revenues

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Editorial Communications

Editorial Communications Director
Senior Communication Manager
Editorial Content Specialist
Communication Assistant
Events Content Manager

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Executive Support

VP, Editorial Operations
Editorial Executive Assistant
Editorial Project Managers

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Paris User Research Lab

Paris User Research Director
User Research R&D Project Manager
Lead User Researchers
User Researchers
User Research Moderators

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Legal Counsel

Chief Legal Officer
VP, Head of Trademark & IP
VP, Associate General Counsel
Director, Legal, Music
Contract Director
Contract Manager
Legal Counsel

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Procurement and IT Coordination Team

IT Coordinators

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Procurement

Procurement Directors
Category Managers

Ubisoft International Production HQ: Brand Portfolio Management

CMK Director
CMK Senior Manager
CMK Analyst

Ubisoft International Production HQ: And Also, Special Thanks to

HR & Com. Production Internationale
Talent Acquisition & Development

EMEA Marketing

EMEA Executive Director
Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing
VP Marketing EMEA
VP Audience & Customer Management
Director Marketing EMEA
EMEA Brand Manager
EMEA Associate Brand Managers
EMEA Brand & Digital Marketing Assistants
EMEA Local Brand & Digital Teams
Director, Communication, EMEA
Associate Director, Communication, EMEA
Group Manager, Communication, EMEA
Communication Managers, EMEA
Communication Assistant, EMEA
Local Communication Managers, EMEA
Associate Director CRM, EMEA
Group Director, CRM Strategy Lifecycle, EMEA
Manager, CRM Strategy Lifecycle, EMEA
Group Manager, CRM Operations, EMEA
Manager, CRM Operations, EMEA
Manager, CRM Web Design & Web Development, EMEA
CRM Operations Specialists
CRM Web Developer
CRM Graphic Designer
CRM Operations Specialists
CRM Web Design Assistants, EMEA
Manager, CRM Portfolio Services, EMEA
CRM Multi Channel Specialist
CRM Program Manager
Manager Audience Analytics, EMEA
CRM Performance Analyst, EMEA
CRM Data Analyst, EMEA
Senior Area Retail Sales Manager, EMEA
Sales & Localization Project Manager
Shopper Marketing Group Manager, EMEA
Shopper Marketing Manager, EMEA
Shopper Marketing Assistants, EMEA
EMEA Local Sales Directors
EMEA Local Trade Marketing
Director Digital Sales, EMEA
Associate Directors Digital Sales, EMEA
Digital Key Account Managers, EMEA
Director E-Commerce Marketing EMEA
Manager, ECommerce UX, EMEA
ECommerce Paid Media Performance Specialist, EMEA
ECommerce Customer Experience Specialist, EMEA
Group Manager, ECommerce Project Strategy, EMEA
Product Strategist ECommerce, EMEA
E-Commerce Back Office Integrators, EMEA
Manager, ECommerce Operations, EMEA
Back Office Coordinator ECommerce, EMEA
Associate Director, E-Commerce Sales, EMEA
ECommerce EMerchandiser, EMEA
E-Commerce Sales Specialist, EMEA
ECommerce Supplies & Logistics Manager, EMEA
Subscription Associate Director, EMEA
Subscription Business Team, EMEA
Director Consumer Products & Partnerships EMEA
Marketing Consumer Products & Partnerships
EMEA UbiCollectibles Team
Publishing EMEA
Licensing Out & Partnerships
Manager Paper Parts & Graphic Studio EMEA
Paperparts & Localization Specialist EMEA
Studio, Prepress & Quality Manager EMEA
Advertisement Graphic Designers EMEA
Director, Manufacturing EMEA
Planning Coordinator, EMEA
EMEA Planning Manager
Manufacturing Product Specialist
Manufacturing Product Assistant
Data Science Assistant, EMEA
Senior Manager Release Management - Localization
Group Release Manager
Age Rating Projects Coordinator
Release Managers

NCSA Business: Executives

President, NCSA
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Consumer Experience
Senior Vice President, Partnerships and Revenue
VP, Marketing
VP, Communications
VP, Media and Audience Management
Vice President
VP, EMEA Sales
VP, Platform and Produce Management
VP, Partner Affairs
VP, Consumer Products
Senior Vice President, Finance and Strategic Planning
VP, Finance
VP, Strategic Planning
VP, Player Experience

NCSA Business: Brand Management

Senior Directors, Marketing
Director, Marketing
Senior Brand Managers
Brand Manager
Associate Brand Manager
Brand Project Managers
Brand Project Manager Intern

NCSA Business: Communications

Senior Director, Communications
Associate Director, Communications
Senior Managers, Communications
Senior Communications Manager