Nemesis of the Roman Empire

aka: Celtic Kings 2, Celtic Kings: The Punic Wars, Imperivm II: La Conquista de Hispania, Imperivm: Le Guerre Puniche, The Punic Wars: A Clash of Two Empires

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The sequel to Celtic Kings: Rage of War (2002), Nemesis of the Roman Empire is another real-time strategy game set in the ancient Mediterranean world. This time there are four playable factions: the Romans, the Gauls, the Iberians, and (of course) the Carthaginians - Carthage being the Roman "nemesis" alluded to in the title.

The focus here is on tactics, not economics; there is no base building, and the only structures (villages, forts, etc.) found in the game are pre-constructed. Control of structures is strategically important, since they are necessary for collecting required resources (food, gold, etc.). Hero units can be recruited to command your armies in formation.

Two "adventure" campaigns are included. The Carthaginian campaign recreates Hannibal's march across the Alps into Italy; the Roman campaign depicts the opposite side of the Punic Wars. There is also a skirmish mode with random map generator for contests against up to seven computer or human opponents, and a scenario editor for creating your own adventures.


  • Картаген - Bulgarian spelling
  • Король Друидов 2. Пунические войны - Russian spelling
  • 罗马帝国的复仇 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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