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Laser Squad

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In Laser Squad you control a group of space marine-like soldiers (and the occasional cyborg). Before taking them into battle (viewed from above and progressing in turns), you must buy them weapons and armour with a predetermined amount of credits, taking into account the individual abilities of your squad. Unlike X-COM, the soldiers do not gain experience over time.

The game also features a two player hotseat multiplayer option.

Initial ZX Spectrum release (and C64 & Amstrad CPC cassette tape releases) had three missions:

  • 1: The Assassins - where you must face down Sterner Regnix and his guards
  • 2: Moonbase Assault - which challenges you to destroy the OmniCorp database
  • 3: Rescue from the Mines - eschew violence in favour of a rescue mission

Two more scenarios were available via mail order, later releases by Blade Software and subsequent ports already included them:

  • 4: The Cyber Hordes - defend a rebel station and its seven stabilizer cores from an advancing imperial droid invasion
  • 5: Paradise Valley - following the destruction of the stabilizer cores, escape from the colony with the device containing blueprints for advanced rebel starfighter

Two additional missions were released with mail order expansion kit.

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Credits (ZX Spectrum version)

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Game Design
Spectrum program
Spectrum tape/joystick routines, crunching
Scenario design assistance
Box Art
Box design
Box graphics
Box typesetting
Manufacture and printing
  • Cosprint Limited
  • 25/39 Hornsey Street
  • London N7 8HR
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Stellar Forces - A modern remake Steve Smith 2010-01-21 00:35:54
Unit advancement SharkD (424) 2007-11-16 10:35:51


1001 Video Games

Laser Squad appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.


Some of the graphics in the game's cut scenes (for instance, Sterner Regnix's communications officer) are literally lifted from the Star Wars films.


  • Amiga Power
    • May 1991 (Issue #00) - #25 in the "All Time Top 100 Amiga Games"
  • Retro Gamer
    • September 2004 (Issue #8) – #63 Best Game Of All Time (Readers' Vote)

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