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Killing Cloud

aka: The Killing Cloud
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Killing Cloud is set in a San Francisco ravaged by an opaque orange death smog layer known as the Killing Cloud. This hovers around the middle of the skyscrapers, creating a claustrophobic low level experience (and a different feel to the many other flight simulations set in the city, such as F/A-18 Interceptor).

In this maelstrom, the Black Angel gang is terrorising the public. The player is a member of the SFPD Police force, charged with bringing them down throughout ten missions. Some are out-and-out action while others are more strategic. You can only survive for 20 minutes in the smog, so time is crucial in these missions.

In addition to outflying the enemy on your hoverbike, the player must carefully pre-position ground forces to arrest him when he is brought down, using Pick-Up Pods. Once arrested, a suspect must be interrogated to release enough information to know what the next threat is.

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Credits (DOS version)

13 People

Concept and original design
3D game design and programming
2D game design and programming
Vektor Grafix system development
Artwork and animation
Maps and shapes
  • Sound Images
Project management



Average score: 81% (based on 15 ratings)


Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 9 ratings with 0 reviews)

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Amiga Power

The 65% awarded to the game by Amiga Power magazine was a lower score than awarded by most competitor magazines. Image Works were not impressed, and their PR Manager Cathy Campos wrote to the magazine in a letter published in the following issue, calling the review "extremely negative and imbalanced" and "unfairly biased and churlish and griping", and complaining that reviewer Tim Smith had worried too much about the game's realism and consistency of details rather than how much fun it was. Ironically, Amiga Power ultimately became famous for concentrating primarily on the 'fun factor' of a game above realism and other details.

Cut content

While the game was being developed, when you captured enemy agents, a torture screen was displayed of your team using unsavoury methods to gain information from them. This was dropped before the game's release after the Amnesty International charity (which campaigns against unfair trials and punishments (including the death penalty) worldwide) complained about it.

San Francisco

San Francisco was a popular location for early flight sims. Killing cloud attempted to be unique by adding an opaque orange death smog layer that hovered around the middle of the skyscrapers to create a claustrophobic low level experience.

Information also contributed by Martin Smith

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