Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom

aka: Zoom 909, Zoom 909

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Skim the Planet of Zoom avoiding obstacles before you launch into a space battle

The Good
Very colorful graphics Uses speech to warn of various dangers Multiple screens of action

The Bad
Movement of the alien saucers is extremely jerky in this version

The Bottom Line
The version of Buck Rogers for the TI-99/4A includes four stages of action. In the first, you must fly through "electron posts" slalom-style. An indicator at the top of the screen tells you how many you must fly through. Next, still on the planet's surface, you must "watch the hoppers." The indicator tells you how many you must shoot and destroy.

The action then leaves the surface of the planet for space, where you must destroy a number of alien saucers. Finally, you take on the large alien mothership before the sequence repeats.

TI-99/4A · by Andy Frueh (173) · 2016

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