Mutant League Hockey

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Mutant League Hockey is a violent hockey game in the same series as Mutant League Football. There are 23 bizarre hockey teams to choose from, with players consisting of zombies, skeletons, trolls, and robots. The arenas are equally strange, with hidden bottomless pits, mines placed under the ice, spikes, and a "Demon Net" that functions as a goalie by chomping up and down and devouring the puck. The game plays similar to normal hockey, except in this game your players can pick up chainsaws, maces, axes, etc. to use against the competition. It's a bloody game, with opponents exploding into piles of goo (or circuits if they are a robot) when they become too injured. The player can call special plays, like an exploding puck or jail break and attack the goalie. The game also has fighting sequences if two players decide to get into a brawl.
The game comes with multiplayer and a playoff series, full stats for your players and instant replays.

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Average score: 70% (based on 16 ratings)


Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 18 ratings with 1 reviews)

Gretzky, eat your heart out...on second thought, let these guys do it for you.

The Good
Oh, like the football version of this game, this is one of the fun classic, gory, violent games that came along once in a while. When I first heard of this game I look like Homer Simpson staring at a box of doughnuts, including the drool dripping down the side of my mouth.

Like MLF (Mutant League Football), this one had outstanding graphics, now with a smoother look and the music was headbanging good. Even was even made better with the additions of weapons like maces, axes, chainsaws, molotov cocktails along with new traps like cracks in the ice, spikes on the sides of the arena and the Demon Goalie, a huge head of a demon constantly opening and closing his mouth making getting a goal even harder, was something out of a miniature golfer's personal hell.

What can I say, yet another game that had a hell of a lot of good things to it.

The Bad
Well, nothing technically bothered me about this game, the slowdowns from MLF didn't occur here, but the one things that bothered me was the changing of the voices. In MLF, each class had a distinctive class with their own set of voices, even though they are here, in this one they took out supermen and aliens and added aliens and changed the voices (so to speak) for the rest. Just a little thing that bothered me.

And speaking of getting rid of some of MLF's characters, I can understand the aliens since they rolled around like a ball it wouldn't make since for a hockey game, but they could have left the supermen in, they were a personal favorite. Plus like MLF, I wish there could have been an arena editor, yet again, nothing technically wrong, just a personal preference.

The Bottom Line
Well, yet again another great game for the Genesis, it's just a shame that the basketball version never made it. Hopefully soon the Mutant League series will make a resurgence into the next-gen era. But for now, if you ever get a chance to try this game or MLF, give them a whirl, true some may not like these games since they aren't that "realistic", but sometimes realistic isn't always the best thing and these games back then proved it. Classic. Pure classic.

Genesis · by Big John WV (26944) · 2008


Amiga version

The Amiga version was never officially released. It was converted by Catfish software but canceled before it was released. In 2015 the game (AGA version) was found and given for free to Amiga community. It can be downloaded from here.

Mutant League Basketball

At the end of the credits, "Coming Soon: Mutant League Basketball" is mentioned, but this game was never realized. There was only a simple prototype running and a preliminary design.

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