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Azrael's Tear

aka: Azrael's Tear: A la Recherche du Graal, Azrael's Tear: Auf der Suche nach dem Heiligen Gral, Azrael's Tear: Search for the Holy Grail
Moby ID: 1852

DOS credits (1996)

55 people (50 professional roles, 5 thanks) with 60 credits.

Producer Mindscape International Lee Singleton
Documentation Richard Hewison, Intelligent Games, Lee Singleton
Playtesting/Quality Assurance Matthew Dean, Clive Fort, Buck Irving, Lee Singleton, Adrian Wood-Jones
Marketing Spencer Crossley, Bill Duncan, Molly Eng, Claudine Joris, James Morris, Tara Mun, James Scalpello, Stefan Schmitt, Fiona Todd
Special Thanks To Kevin Bachus, Clive Fort, Richard Leinfellner, Jim Mackonochie, Kate Seekings
Project Leader Matthew Stibbe
Original Concept Ken Haywood
Design Richard Guy
Additional Design Andy Knott, Doug Telford
Programming Martin Fermor, Philip Veale
Additional Programming Ian Beaumont
Graphics Neil Crosbourne, Mike Elliott, Richard Guy, Dee Jarvis, Andy Knott, Doug Telford
Text Mark Giles
Production Coordinator Iain McNeil
Management Richard Evans, Kevin Shrapnell, Morven Sloan
Music (Title Music) Ray Shulman
Music (Scene Music) Kerry Minnear
Sound Effects Marvin Black
Voiceovers Richard Attlee, Paul Jamieson, Jenifer Konko, Ian Michie
"Instalit" Installer Software Helpful Programs Inc.
Voiceovers (France) Yves Aubert, Philippe Monnet, Nicholas Mead, Catherine Graham
Voiceovers (Germany) Erich Redman, Stefan Grothgar, Michael Hülsmann, Delphine Lettau
DOS Sound Drivers SoundStream Audio System by Miles Design
Portions Copyright 1993-1995 SciTech Software
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