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Castles II: Siege & Conquest

aka: Castillos II: Sitio y Conquista, Castles: Siege & Conquest
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Castles II expands on the original by changing the interface and adding video cutscenes on the CD-based versions.

You choose to be one of five feuding lords vying for the Crown. Conquering, spying, sabotage, diplomacy, whatever it takes--as long as you keep the Pope and your people happy. You have to reach 7,000 points to petition the Pope for the throne, and then you have to maintain those points for 4-5 game months to win the game. However, your rivals will attack you as soon as the Pope declares his support, so be sure you have a strong military before applying for the Papal backing.

Castle building is more efficient and easier to deal with. You can also set up pre-made castles on file so that you can place them quickly. Battles are set in a full alternate screen with the ability to place and command each unit.


  • キャッスルズII ~ブルターニュ統一戦記~ - Japanese spelling

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Executive Producer
Associate Producer
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Game Design
Video Clips
  • Alexander Nevsky
  • The Private Life of Henry VIII
Additional Design Input
Photo Wizardry
3D Rendering Artist
CD-ROM Sourcebook Material
Casting Director
Privy Counsellor
CD Audio Track
Lead Programmer
Lead CD-ROM Programmer
Artificial Intelligence and Plot Engine: Design and Programming
CD-ROM Programming & Audio Processing
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Average score: 69% (based on 21 ratings)


Average score: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 36 ratings with 1 reviews)

A fun uncomplicated game of middle age warfare

The Good
The game is very easy to learn and play. The interface is pretty intuitive, and the game focuses on simplicity. You should definitly turn Plots on because they add a few fun little twists to the game. The main selling point of the game though is it's simplicity and ease of use.

The Bad
The Castles really are not important from a military stand point. They make it harder to defend in my opinion (although maybe if you turned battles off and just had the computer simulate them it would help.) The castles are basically only useful in stopping revolutions and helping the economy.

I would also like them to make up there minds for the settings. They say it is the fictional land of "Brittania", yet all the names of provinces and opponents are from France. Why not just say it happened France?

The Bottom Line
In my review for the game "HyperBlade" I made a food analogy, with Hyperblade as a snack and games like "SimCity 2000" as a full course meal. If I was to continue this analogy I would call "Castles II: Seige and Conquest" a light dinner. That is really the games main strength and weakness.

It is a strenth because everybody can play. You don't have to get bogged down with statistics or complicated moves. There are only so many opions and only so many tasks availible. The warfare only has three main units and seige weapons (which you can only have one of each). This makes the game simple, not easy mind you, but simple.

This is a weakness only if you really want something a little more complicated. It also kind of limits your attention. I have played this game for hours, but usually I play it a lot then stopped for several months before coming back. The replay value is limited I think by the simplistic nature of the game.

The graphics are decent. The audio is very good. The little videos are actually pretty amazing. They are a nice touch, and a good reference. It is amazing that they can run really well on a very low powered 486 (25 mHz, 8 meg RAM).

This game is fun and enjoyable. At the dirt cheap prices it is available for now, (It is also in the Interplay 15th anniversary Anthology) I would reccommend picking up a copy.

DOS · by Andrew Grasmeder (221) · 2000


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Amiga floppy release? Rola (8131) Feb 17th, 2013


Amiga version

Other than some magazine reviews, it appears the Amiga version was never officially released.

CD version

In September 1993 Interplay released an enhanced version of this game for PC CD platform, which contains over 30 minutes of documentary clips from a BBC series.


The player's guide is full of historical facts and quotations.


The video files C205.QMV, C213.QMV, and C227.QMV through C233.QMV actually have nothing to do with the game. For example, C213.QMV is of two people sitting around while Castles III scrolls on a computer in the background, and C227.QMV is of a (modern) family. To view them, copy them as C220.QMV (make a backup of the original C220.QMV first) and wait for a province to revolt.

Information also contributed by Slawomir Kuczera and Vanshilar

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