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Probe One: The Transmitter


Probe One: The Transmitter is a text adventure with graphics and arcade elements.

You are the commander of the Terran Confederation shout ship PROBE ONE. You have been sent to bring a newly developed matter transmitter to Terra before it can fall into the hands of the Drelgan Hegemony. The device is the only hope the human race has of averting extinction in their war with the Drelgans.

The player controls the probe via text entry, and each room is graphically displayed on the screen. Each room is labelled, and the player can examine and pick up items and move between rooms. Items can be picked up, used, turned off, and dropped. The goal is to escape with the transmitter, and receives points for collecting items and destroying sentinels.

The player will routinely get attacked by the defensive drones, at which point the player enters an arcade sequence where they move laterally at the bottom of the screen and attempt to shoot droids. If the player is captured by a droid, they are brought back to the starting antechamber. If the player takes too much damage, it's game over.


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