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Supercross 2000

[ Nintendo 64 ] [ PlayStation ]

Nintendo 64 credits (1999)

56 People

Design & Development: MBL Research, Inc.

Control (Programming)
Core Programming
Game Logic
Front End Programming
Overlays (Programming)
Play-by-Play (Programming)
Freestyle Programming
Controller Pak Programming
Rider IK (Programming)
Audio Programming
Math Programming
AI (Programming)
Rendering (Programming)
Animation (Programming)
Replay (Programming)
Front End (Graphics)
Overlays (Graphics)
Track Models
Track Textures
Bike and Rider Models
Animations (Graphics)
Team Management

Electronic Arts

Executive in Charge of Production
Supervising Producer
Associate Producer
Director of Technology
Art Director
Audio Director
Audio Composer
Sound Designers
Sound Composers
Assistant Producers
Creative Consultant
Product Marketing Manager
Product Manager
Assistant Product Manager
Public Relations
Play by Play Announcer
Testing Managers
Lead Tester
Assistant Lead Tester


"The Next Big Thing"
  • Performed by MxPx
"Prisoner of Society"
  • Performed by The Living End
"Over It"
  • Performed by Pulley

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