Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams

aka: Tak 2: Der Stab der Träume, Tak 2: El Bastón de los Sueños, Tak 2: Le Sceptre des Rêves, Tak 2: Lo Scettro dei Sogni

Juju a go-go.

Tak is back with a rockin' new game.

Help Tak journey through the subconscious and recover the Staff of Dreams in this sequel to a surprise hit of 2003.


  • Juju potion mixing
  • Expanded combat system and new weapons
  • Nine linear environments
  • New to the sequel: three Juju gods and the shaman Jibolba's brother, JB
  • Two-player minigames

Tlaloc stole the Staff of Dreams. Tak needs the help of his friends and the Juju to travel through the dream world and recover the Staff of Dreams.

Tak has learned much in the ways of the shaman as Jibolba's pupil. Now it's time to apply that knowledge of the animals and new Juju potions.

Tak uses his understanding of the animals to help solve various puzzles that stand between him and the staff. In one of the more unorthodox sidekick moves in memory, Jibolba transforms himself into a flea and hits the road with Tak. Deftly holding the transformed shaman between his thumb and forefinger, Tak can fling Jibolba onto an animal. Jibolba then bites the animal or makes it fall asleep. What the animals do in response to the bite helps Tak solve the puzzles. For example, biting a squirrel early in the game prompts them to throw nuts at grumpy creatures known as Woodies, which makes the Woodies lower a drawbridge.

You'll witness this type of creativity throughout this entertaining platformer. Not only are the scenes and puzzles well thought-out, but the artwork and other graphic elements are top-notch as well. Tak's main enemies. the Woodies, are minor threats compared to 200-foot drops and hungry alligators.

Like the rest of us, Tak's time is split between the real world and the dream world. In the dream world, the enemies are a little darker as nightmares try to take over. Tak uses the dream world as a virtual training ground for skills he needs on his waking quest. Tak will master the ancient Juju magic of the animals, allowing him to possess various creatures and turn himself into a Spirit Animal. To practice Juju, Tak most gather and mix various ingredients from the wilds.

Tak 2 also features some amazing Dinky Games, named after the pipsqueak who hosts them. You unlock most of the minigames and the characters who play them as you progress through the story. Whether the Dinky game involves snowboarding or barrel rafting, expect high-quality graphics and gameplay as your character tries to climb to the top of the Dinky Games pyramid.

The well-acted dialogue has a distinctly smart-alecky Shrek vibe. Tak 2 is cool jungle-cat for whom an adventure cliché is an obvious bad face-paint job.

Bottom Line

Those new to the Tak series will be pleasantly surprised by the fun and depth of Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams.


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THQ's Juju magic-wielding shaman returns to PlayStation 2 to defeat the evil Tlaloc once
more in a spellbinding new adventure.

Join Tak, plucky young shaman's apprentice and practitioner of Juju magic, on his toughest
quest yet as he struggles to defeat the evil Tlaloc and recover the elusive Staff of Dreams.
Having tricked Tak into helping him obtain the Staff, Tlaloc is using his newfound powers to
imprison Tak's friends in their own dreams. Tak must rescue each of Tlaloc's victims from
their own dream worlds, guiding them through innumerable puzzles and dangers, before
finally confronting Tlaloc in a dramatic showdown.

Fortunately, the spirited young shaman has several new tricks up his sleeve that will aid
him in his perilous quest. Now a more confident and capable sorcerer, Tak can mix
together Juju potions to create his own Juju magic. He's even mastering the ancient Juju
magic of animal morphing, which allows him to possess various creatures and have them
do his bidding. Tak also has an expanded arsenal, with new weapons including the
Thwark, Bolas, and the Dream Shaker, a powerful device used to seal rifts between the
real and dream worlds.

  • Explore nine beautifully realised and varied environments
  • Harness more powerful Juju abilities and brandish unique weapons
  • Encounter all-new characters and nightmarish enemies



Join Tak in another epic adventure, as he learns new Juju magic to recover the Staff of Dreams and defeat Tlaloc once and for all! Tak's role in the great Prophecy of the Pupanunu people isn't over - in fact, it's only just begun! It's not easy being Jibolba's apprentice, and Tak's got the bruises to prove it. Now dabbling with new abilities, Tak is creating a little Juju magic of his own! He's even working on mastering the ancient Juju magic of the animals. Between possessing them and turning into his Spirit Animal, Tak's got a lot to learn. And he better do it fast because Tlaloc has begun his return with vengeance on his mind...

  • Nine brand new linear environments

  • New Juju powers, such as animal possession and animal transformation

  • All-new Juju potion system allows Tak to create his own Juju magic

  • Expanded combat capabilities and new weapons, including the Thwark, the Bolas and the powerful Dream Shaker

  • Returning cast of favourite characters, along with three brand new Jujus, tons of new Nightmare creatures and the introduction of Jibolba's brother, JB

  • Multi-player "Dinky" Games where players face off in head-to-head action with multiple playable characters from Tak's world


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Contributed by Evil Ryu, DreinIX.

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