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Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams

aka: Tak 2: Der Stab der Träume, Tak 2: El Bastón de los Sueños, Tak 2: Le Sceptre des Rêves, Tak 2: Lo Scettro dei Sogni

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PlayStation 2 credits (2004)

185 people (154 professional roles, 31 thanks)

Avalanche Software
Avalanche Special Thanks
  • Ryan Bunker
  • The Guys at Hash
  • The Production Staff at THQ and Nick
Voice Talent
VO Director
Sound Studio
Playability/Usability Specialist

THQ Inc.

Creative Manager
Project Managers
Technical Manager
Art Director
Licensing Manager
Director, Project Management
VP, Product Development
Director, Quality Assurance
Test Supervisor
Test Leads
First Party Supervisor
First Party Specialists
QA Technical Supervisor
QA Technicians
Mastering Lab Technicians
Database Applications Engineer
Game Evaluation Team
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing
Director, Global Marketing
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Product Marketing Manager
Associate Product Marketing Manager
Director of Creative Services
Creative Services Managers
Creative Services Coordinator
Manual Writer

THQ International

Head of Brand Management
International Brand Manager
Associate International Brand Manager
Director of Localisation
Localisation Engineer
Submission Coordinator
THQ Inc. Special Thanks

Nickelodeon Interactive

SVP of Media Products
Director of Interactive Production & Marketing
Coordinator of Interactive Production & Marketing
Creative Director, Nickelodeon Creative Resources
Senior Designer of Interactive, Nickelodeon Creative Resources
Nickelodeon would like to thank
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