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Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams

aka: Tak 2: Der Stab der TrĂ€ume, Tak 2: El BastĂłn de los Sueños, Tak 2: Le Sceptre des RĂȘves, Tak 2: Lo Scettro dei Sogni

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IGN (8.4 out of 10) (84%)

Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams is a great sequel to what was a fun, well-designed platformer. The sequel rules apply here: this is a bigger and prettier game. But on top of that, Tak 2< is a lot more fun thanks in large to a smart, rewarding gameplay dynamic that appeals itself to both younger and older players. Kids will undoubtedly like Tak 2's intuitive control mechanics and colorful characters while adults will -- as we did -- be able to appreciate the underlying humor and the clever puzzles that lie in wait. That's not to say there isn't any room for improvement though. To be sure, the game's camera system -- occasionally disobedient, to say the least -- could use some work. The framerate sometimes stutters. And there are some trial and error gameplay moments, which always manage to frustrate. Still, Tak 2 remains a fun, beautiful platformer that both Nickelodeon and THQ can be proud of.

Oct 11th, 2004 · PlayStation 2 · read review

Game Chronicles (8.2 out of 10) (82%)

Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams is a good 10-hour platformer that is sure to appeal to children of all ages. The gameplay, aside from some minor camera issues, is very solid and the graphics are some of the best in the genre. The fantastic cast of characters will keep us laughing throughout the adventure and the mini-games will allow us to involve an occasional buddy in our cartoon fun. Unfortunately, the PS2 already has dozens of platformers and Tak 2 doesn’t seem to add enough to the genre to rise above its competitors. If you absolutely adored the first Tak game, then this game will not disappoint. However, if you are looking for a new action/adventure hero, I recommend renting it first.

Nov 17th, 2004 · PlayStation 2 · read review

Gaming Target (8 out of 10) (80%)

Some gamers have wondered over recent years if the platform genre died off. The answer to that sentiment seems more evident than it could be. No, not really. Evidently, with some companies trying out different ideas, the platform genre is still in motion. Maybe the fact that not as many companies are putting any effort forth in entering this particular market shows that they've either run out of ideas or there isn't a fan base for these games anymore, are signs for them to wake up and smell the coffee. THQ and Avalanche are just one team who definitely knows their stuff in the creation of a potentially likable new platform hero for this day and age. He's small, and he's got it all. With new powers, new weapons, new enemies, and new challenges to take on, Tak 2 proves itself a second time as one of the best platform titles of the year. Tak is back, and it looks like he's here to stay.

Dec 30th, 2004 · PlayStation 2 · read review

Console Obsession (8 out of 10) (80%)

Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams is a fantastic sequel to what was already a great adventure, and it’s fast becoming a franchise that will soon be tackling the platforming giants. It may not quite be there yet, but it’s definitely a series that has the legs to eventually become a serious contender.

May 31st, 2010 · PlayStation 2 · read review

GameCell UK (8 out of 10) (80%)

Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams does what the original did, but bigger, better and more varied. The game would have scored higher, but the dodgy camera is still present. Combine this with unrealistic problems in places and stiff competition from the big guns of platforming, who have also rejuvenated the genre, and Tak 2, although a fun and compelling game will find it hard to compete with the big boys.

2005 · PlayStation 2 · read review

Worth Playing (7.5 out of 10) (75%)

Tak 2 is a solid platformer, and has a lot going for it. It has its ups and its downs, but there’s nothing inherently bad about it. With its plethora of options and playability, this is a stellar buy for the younger crowd. Do so and they will love you forever. Older and more seasoned gamers, however, may find that its lack of overall challenge (along with its sometime potential for frustration) will not warrant anything beyond a rental.

Nov 30th, 2004 · PlayStation 2 · read review

Game Informer Magazine (7.25 out of 10) (72%)

I do think that the franchise has a lot of room for improvement, but that doesn't mean that Tak is without its charms. The art direction, character design, and storytelling are all top notch. For those who don't have a lot of platforming experience or just want to hear a funny tale, this certainly isn't a bad choice, but I'll be looking forward to the upcoming TV show more than playing this game again.

Nov 2004 · PlayStation 2

4Players.de (71 out of 100) (71%)

Auf den ersten Blick haben die Entwickler alles richtig gemacht: Es gibt viel zum Einsammeln, knuffige Charaktere und eine witzige Story, die zahlreiche Klischees durch den Kakao zieht. Die Idee zweier unterschiedlicher Welten ist prinzipiell ebenfalls eine prima Sache, aber der Funke will nicht ĂŒberspringen: Die Traumlevel sind an gĂ€hnender Langeweile kaum zu ĂŒberbieten, passen aber zur einschlĂ€fernden Panflöten-Musik, die sich schmerzhaft durch meine GehörgĂ€nge bohrte, bis ich den Ton ganz einfach abstellte. Irgendwie ging es mir beim Testen von Tak 2 genau wie dem Hauptdarsteller selbst: Eigentlich will man die Mission gar nicht annehmen, aber man muss da durch! So sehr sich der knuffige Schamanen-Lehrling auch bemĂŒht hat, konnte ich einfach nicht warm mit ihm werden. Dazu mag auch die technische PrĂ€sentation beigetragen haben, die mit einigen derben Ruckeleinlagen, leichten Kameraproblemen und der manchmal etwas schwammigen Steuerung nicht gerade vorbildlich ist.

Apr 14th, 2005 · PlayStation 2 · read review

Game Informer Magazine (7 out of 10) (70%)

The characters are endearing, the writing is genuinely funny and the CG is beautiful. Sadly, I just don't want to play this game. I've played too many superior platformers to want to spend time with Tak 2, but I honestly hope this series lives up to its promise.

Nov 2004 · PlayStation 2

videogamer.com (7 out of 10) (70%)

Tak 2 is a game that won't win any awards, but is certainly far better than a number of other recently released games that have been aimed squarely at kids. The game looks great, sounds great, is full of character and has plenty of inventive puzzles to keep gamers of all ages entertained. While Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter move away from traditional platforming roots, Tak 2 offers a solid and enjoyable traditional platforming adventure that is definitely worth taking a look at, particularly if you are kid who is fed up of under par licensed platform games.

Apr 20th, 2005 · PlayStation 2 · read review

GameSpy ( ) (70%)

This gaming season, there are a number of mascot platform games available: Jak III, Rachet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, Sly 2: Band of Thieves, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue, and countless others. Where does Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams fit into the mix? It's certainly not as good as some of Sony's high-profile offering and it's a step above what Electronic Arts has to offer, but the Ty sequel has the advantage of a budget-level price. If you're looking for a platformer a sibling or child will want to play with you, Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams combines great gameplay with entertaining characters and extremely pretty visuals for a surprisingly fun gaming experience.

Nov 9th, 2004 · PlayStation 2 · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (14 out of 20) (70%)

Sans trahir l'esprit du premier volet, Tak 2 s'enrichit de nouvelles idées qui le rendent plus intéressant à jouer, avec notamment des interactions plus poussées et une progression moins confuse. Certains passages peuvent parfois s'avérer délicats mais le jeu reste accessible aux plus jeunes et leur offrira un bon divertissement.

Mar 29th, 2005 · PlayStation 2 · read review

GamersHell.com (6.9 out of 10) (69%)

In conclusion, Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams is one of many mediocre platformer games available today. If you are looking for an in-depth captivating experience, then there are certainly better games on the market to fit your needs. Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams will by no means blow you out of the water, but if you want to try out a contradistinctive platformer, then look no further.

2005 · PlayStation 2 · read review

Softpedia (6.9 out of 10) (69%)

Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams is a little better than most other arcades, but an arcade nonetheless. Kids will surely love this journey through a bright colorful world despite a few bumps along the road, as will all arcade lovers out there. For the rest of the world, you most certainly don't need my advice.

Mar 1st, 2006 · PlayStation 2 · read review

GameSpot (6.7 out of 10) (67%)

The Staff of Dreams is definitely a more well-conceived game than The Power of Juju, and there are some genuinely fresh, inventive ideas at work here. The problem is, the whole experience is muddled by an inconsistent difficulty and slapdash level designs, and these good ideas don't quite coalesce into a good game. Kids often get the short shrift when it comes to smart, engaging entertainment. This is especially true of video games, which makes it pretty disheartening when a game with real potential like Tak 2 falls short.

Oct 22nd, 2004 · PlayStation 2 · read review

G4 TV: X-Play ( ) (60%)

Tak 2 is far from perfect, but it does have a few things working in its favor. First is its sense of humor during the cutscenes, with the clumsy Lok (expertly voiced by Patrick Warburton) all but stealing the show. While the game starts out slow, it picks up steam once you get to the halfway point, where Tak chooses his animal spirit and the story takes on a number of interesting twists. Other fun sequences include driving a working catapult and hurtling down whitewater rapids, and there are a number of solo and two-player minigames to unlock as well. Still, your appreciation of Tak 2 largely depends on the number of 3D platform games you’ve seen over the years. The more you’ve experienced, the less impressive Tak 2 is to play, which means younger audiences will love it.

Mar 24th, 2006 · PlayStation 2 · read review

PAL Gaming Network (PALGN) (5 out of 10) (50%)

Tak 2: Staff of Dreams fails to provide an engaging platform experience, and would be better used as a cure for insomnia.

May 14th, 2005 · PlayStation 2 · read review

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