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The Next Tetris

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Absolute Playstation (88 out of 100)

The next Tetris is a superb update to an old classic. The package contains the original game plus the new version so you can compare and see just how much has been put into the new title. The single player mode is engaging and entertaining but the two-player mode is really where it's at. Playing this game against a friend will provide "edge of your seat" tension and excitement. The game is simple to learn but contains a devious strategy curve where you learn to create and use cascades to cripple your opponent. The better you become at doing this the more consistent you will be at winning. The graphics, while pretty simple, have been updated with some nice vibrant colors and great animation effects. The Next Tetris is quite capable of ushering in a whole new generation Tetris fans while retaining advocates of the original title.

Jul 1999 · PlayStation · read review

IGN (8.8 out of 10)

I've been playing tile-stacking puzzle games for the past ten years, but none have been more addicting and satisfying than Tetris. This isn't the first time Tetris has made it to the PlayStation (Jaleco's Tetris Plus was released around two years ago), but this version adds some very cool features and new elements that make The Next Tetris a must-own. My only real complaint (and it does bring the point score down a notch) is the lack of two player options. The Two Player game is absolutely great, but since Classic Tetris has been done multiplayer before (on the Game Boy, no less), it certainly is possible. And, I would have loved to play Score Marathon with a buddy to try and screw him up as the pieces increase in speed. It's a shame these modes weren't included. But as it stands, you gotta get this game. Tetris lives, baby, and keeps on going.

Jun 29th, 1999 · PlayStation · read review

Gaming Entertainment Monthly (75 out of 100)

One must remember The Next Tetris was not really meant for the people who are first diving into Tetris. They are attempting to market the game to the people who have mastered the game of Tetris. The Next Tetris really takes the game, and changes a lot of the rules completely. If this is worth your time to teach an old dog new tricks, that's your decision.So is The Next Tetris really THE next Tetris, and really worth it to be your next PSX purchase? For most Tetris fans, that is a yes. While The Next Tetris does kind of mess up the oldschool formula of the traditional Tetris, they do add some new additions into the game, and of course they add in the original Tetris and don't mess with the try and true two player split screen. If you're a loyalist of the old Tetris, this might not be your bag. This is worth it for the puzzle fans out there and definitely at least a rental.

Jul 8th, 1999 · PlayStation · read review

GameSpot (7 out of 10)

I'd recommend this game to anyone looking for a new Tetris fix - it's definitely different enough from the other versions to warrant a purchase. Once you discover the beauty of The Next Tetris' new block system, you'll immediately become hooked. But again, be warned - this is not the old-school Tetris you've gotten used to over the years. I suppose many people will be glad to hear that, though... It's time for something new.

Jul 8th, 1999 · PlayStation · read review

Video Games (70 out of 100)

Warum die Entwickler TNT keinen 4-Spieler-Modus verpasst haben, ist uns schleierhaft - Abzug! Die ebenfalls vorhandene Classic-Version speichert leider keine Spieler-Profile, Highscores und verzichtet komplett auf Multiplayer-Modi. Hartn├Ąckige Puzzlefans, Sammler und Atari-Lover schlagen trotzdem zu.

Oct 1999 · PlayStation

Game Critics (6 out of 10)

It is with almost perfect irony that H2O, the gimmick name used for the last Halloween movie's ad campaign, is also the name of the developer Nintendo chose for this game. Because when the final curtain went down on the flick, it only served to prove that Michael Myers wasn't scary anymore, Jamie Lee Curtis (while still hot after all these years) was still no fighter, and that it would take a whole lot more than a couple of teen-idols (from romps like Dawson's Creek) to breathe new life into the franchise. The New Tetris suffers a similar fate by not including involving goals on top of the new play mechanics and by failing to set any new standards. So in both cases, the movie and the game, I wasn't impressed.

Aug 31st, 1999 · PlayStation · read review

Mega Fun (52 out of 100)

Die Neuerungen halten sich allerdings in Grenzen und erscheinen in Form von verschiedenfarbig aufgebauten sowie schon feststehenden Steinen. Dadurch ergehen sich zwar neue M├Âglichkeiten des Knobelns, im Endeffekt aber ist das neue Tetris nur f├╝r absolute Tetris-Freaks interessant. Wer bereits eine Version sein Eigen nennt, sollte sich einen Kauf sehr genau ├╝berlegen. Wer noch keinen besitzt, der kann allerdings getrost zugreifen.

Nov 1999 · PlayStation

Game Revolution (C-)

Truthfully, The Next Tetris isn't really the "next" tetris. It's just a twist on the familiar game making it less fun to play. Clearing the bottom line has been done before, but adding the accidental combos and removing a big chunk of the strategy has hurt the game. If you want multi-player Tetris, the network based Tetrinet is much more fun, and truer to its Tetris roots. Then there's Gameboy Tetris, Window's Tetris, Tetris Jr, Acid Tetris... Life is good and doesn't always need change.

Jul 1999 · PlayStation · read review

Player One (31 out of 100)

Un "add on" de T├ętris par mois, j'ai ma dose. Et ce n'est pas celui-ci, avec pour soit-disant concept in├ędit d'├ęliminer une ligne pr├ę-├ętablie, qui apporte du nouveau.

Nov 1999 · PlayStation · read review

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