Burnout: Revenge

aka: Burnout 4
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The Good
The graphics are easily the best the XBOX has ever seen. There is no major slowdown. This game looks very nice in the details. The sparks, the mangled cars, the explosions all look beautiful. However, the enviroments look very drab and dull, especially in the city industrial section, but at least it looks realistic. Ability to use customizable soundtracks and trust me, if you have Sammy Hagar's "I Can't Drive 55" in your XBOX, play it while racing, youwon't regret it.

The Bad
The sound is great, but standard for a racing game. The soundtrack is quite frankly a God-awful mix of punk and metal that isn't metal. If you like punk and emo , then you won't mind this soundtrack, but I do not like those two genres of music.

The Bottom Line
This game is a racing game that allows you to crash into other cars. You can crash into the back of other cars to get them into a "Takedown". A takedown is where a car crashes and momentarily does not race. You can also run other cars into a wall or other obstacles for a Takedown. As mentioned above, in the later stages, if you crash, you can blow up your car and takedown a lot of the other cars.

Xbox · by Cody Cooper (5) · 2006

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