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Mad Experiments 2: Escape Room

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Play alone or in a team of up to 6 players! In first-person view, explore and gather clues that will help you to solve the puzzles of the room. As you solve puzzles, you unravel story bits and gets closer from the exit.
Challenge yourself with the 60-min time limit, or take your time and play in Relax mode with unlimited time!

The game is the sequel of Mad Experiments 1: Escape Room, released in 2020. In this new game, you will explore the last chapters of the story of Professor Cheshire. Inspired by real escape rooms, 1 to 6 players are trapped by the Professor in his Institute. He uses this place and his subjects to experiment on their brains and minds, in order to find a cure for his sick daughter, Hildegarde. In his quest to save her, he loses his sanity and transform the Institute into a prison lab. Players will live through the memories of one of his patient and travel in 4 rooms to unravel the secrets of the Cheshire Institute.

Interact and examine with dozens of objects to uncover the secrets of the rooms and understand why the Professor does all this.## Prologue: The Office of the Professor Cheshire**

Explore the office of Professor Cheshire and use his experimental equipment to escape!## Chapter 1: The Library

Locked in the Cheshire Institute, Hildegarde used to go to the library to get more knowledge about the world. She discovered unique secrets and met an intriguing crow automaton## Chapter 2: The Greenhouse

The Professor makes his poisons and medicinal drugs from plants' extracts in the Victorian greenhouse of the Institute. You will manipulate gas, poisons and plants to escape this dangerous place!## Chapter 3: The Train

This train brings everyone in and out of the Institute. In the last wagon, there is a distillery that will allow you to make a poison that could end Cheshire's life and stop his experiments for good!

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