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The Rise & Rule of Ancient Empires

Moby ID: 1936

[ Windows ] [ Windows 3.x ]

Windows credits (1996)

22 people with 24 credits.

Designer Gregor Koomey
Executive Producer David Lester
Producer Gregor Koomey
Art Director Chris Beatrice
Quality Assurance Manager Steven Serafino
Programmers Mike Gingerich, Tony Hosier, Dean Lawson
Music & Sound Keith Zizza
Artists Heidi Mann, Scot B. Forbes, Bob Curtis, Chris Beatrice
Lead Tester Ken Parker (Spidey)
Testers Edward Pugsley, Joseph McGuire, Phillip Conrad, Ken Ford, Douglas Gonya
Additional Testers Eric Leaf, Steve Hitt, Tony Clayton
Documentation Lauren Clark Durling
History Jennifer Hawthorne
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