Intellivision Lives!

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Windows version

Great fun for children of the 80s.

The Good
Incredible package- this blows away other (similar) packages, like the Activision 2600 emulation packages, the Williams/Midway/Atari arcade packs, or Telegames' Coleco packs. The sheer quantity of games, plus the sheer quantity of information about each game- even if (like me) you tend to play action-oriented console games just for a couple minutes apiece, you'll spend hours going through everything on here. The additional, non-game-specific stuff is also a nice bonus. Unreleased Intelly games are very cool to have access to.

The Bad
Although I know legally they couldn't, it's a shame that Intellivision's classic licensed titles (Bump 'N' Jump, Burgertime, Masters of the Universe, AD&D series, etc.) weren't included. The control scheme leaves something to be desired (a 3rd party manufacturer makes an interface that allows use of Intellivision 2 controllers on the PC to remedy this). It's hard to emulate a 16-way joypad with 2 fire buttons and a numeric keypad all on a PC keyboard. The music in the multimedia browser gets really repetitive.

The Bottom Line
If you lived through or remember the early 80s video game boom, you'll love this package. If you only played the 2600, Odyssey 2, ColecoVision, or something else, you can find out what you've missed. This collection has no equal, and is a must for classic video game fans.

by Robert Morgan (1050) on July 14th, 2000

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