Gutter: The Cursed

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Gutter is a major commercial and industrial city, where merchants and machinists come from all over the world to buy, sell, and steal. A city that welcomes visitors and invaders from all walks of the multiverse with open arms. A city populated with hard-working craftsmen, ambitious entrepreneurs, slave laborers, murderous addicts, desperate thieves, and opportunistic demons competing in a monopolistic power struggle.## EXPERIENCE PAIN AND AMUSEMENT IN THIS POST-APOCALYPTIC PIT OF INDUSTRIAL DECAY LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

You took a trip to Gutter, and you were greeted by friendly residents who stole all of your money after splashing acid on your face. Luckily, one of them was kind enough to let you live... for a few months, and decided to curse you with a brain tumor. The clock is ticking as your curse brings you closer to death. Tensions grow as several factions of humans, demons, and machines vie for control in an attempt to rebuild (or destroy) society.## VICIOUS CREATURES, KILLER ROBOTS, AND THE WORST HUMANITY HAS TO OFFER, ALL GATHERED IN ONE CESSPOOL!

  • Explore a bizarre world filled with ruthless gangs, violence, depravity, and dark humor in this downward spiral of an adventure.
  • Who you trust, how you survive, and how you achieve your goal is up to you.
  • Choose from a variety of different character backgrounds that fit your playstyle.
  • Make friends or foes with a colorful cast of deranged locals.
  • Work for one faction or play 'em off against each other.
  • Uncover the truth behind an urban myth rumored to make dreams come true, which could be your last chance to undo your curse and change your fate.
  • Learn magic spells, craft useful items, purchase body augmentations, and use trash to defend yourself.

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Credits (Windows version)

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A game by
  • Asocial Guarantee
Written and Directed by
  • Asocial Guarantee
Script Credits
Texture Credits
  • Asocial Guarantee
  • Enterbrain
  • Vexed Enigma
  • Jenny Becker (credited as PandaMaru)
  • Candacis
  • IceDragon
  • whtdragon
  • Texture-Imperium
  • Pixel Art World
  • Filter Forge
  • textures4photoshop
Music composed by
  • Asocial Guarantee
Music sample and sound effect credits
  • MelonMusik
  • flsouto
  • Robro
  • subSpace
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