Level PasswordsContributed by Alaka (56966) on Oct 30, 2007.

73Q17	Level 2
E3QG3	Level 3
L3QG3	Level 4
S3QG3	Level 5
Z3QG3	Level 6
I3QG3	Level 7
P3QG3	Level 8
W3QG3	Level 9
33QG3	Level 10
A3QG3	Level 11
H3QG3	Level 12
U3QG3	Level 13
53QG3	Level 14
K3QG3	Level 15
F3QG3	Level 16
13QG3	Level 17
63QG3	Level 18
83QG3	Level 19
D3QG3	Level 20
M3QG3	Level 21
R3QG3	Level 22
TY2NU	Level 23
TY690	Starts last level with almost full power.
TY19U	Starts on the last level with maximum offense, defense, weapons, energy, and time.

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