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Bip-Bop is a simple action game where the player must use a moving paddle to bounce a ball into the exit of each level. The paddle is constantly moving across the bottom of the screen and the player can only change its direction at any given time. The player starts the game with three lives and loses a life every time the ball is allowed to touch the bottom of the screen. When all lives are exhausted, the game gives the player the option of continuing from the same level or exiting the game. Some of the levels contain additional moving paddles as obstacles which cannot be controlled by the player. The game contains ten levels in total.

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Credits (DOS version)

4 People

Copyright ©️ 1989 by
1993 "Nostalgia" release by
  • S&M Software
Compiled with
  • Turbo Pascal 6.0
  • Copyright ©️ 1989,90 by Borland International

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  • MobyGames ID: 195868


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