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The Stuff Fairy Tales Are Made Of


Paul is not an adventurer, but a scholar with a thirst for knowledge, living peacefully in a village in the Southern Kingdom. However, when the kingdom is cast into perpetual night by a witch's curse, he ventures out of his comfortable life to undo the curse, by persuasion of possible, by force if necessary. Over the course of the journey, he will improve his skills, gain knowledge, explore, fight and solve simple puzzles, alone or with the aid of companions met along the way.

The Stuff Fairy Tales Are Made Of is a game created in RPG Maker VX Ace, including typical features such as fixed, linear character development and turn-based combat controlled through a menu system, but also some less common ones, such as a journal that includes information about enemies and bosses along with quests, Paul being able to learn about the weak spots of enemies and use that knowledge for increased damage, and also learning magic from scrolls instead of automatically, at certain levels, as his companions do, or the fact that certain NPCs can craft otherwise unobtainable potions for the party if brought the necessary ingredients. In addition, a section of the game plays like an adventure game.

The story is inspired by folk tales collected by Pavol Dobsinsky in 19th century Europe, although historical accuracy has not been religiously adhered to.

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