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Close Combat

aka: Advanced Squad Leader, Beyond Squad Leader, Close Combat: Prenez le commandement de véritables soldats, Close Combat: Take command of men who act like real soldiers, Project X
Moby ID: 1964

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Windows credits (1996)

53 people with 54 credits.

MS Joint Chief of Staff Robert Gallup, Stuart Moulder
Theater Commander David Hua
Top User Ed Sergeant Jo Tyo
Aide de Camp Jennifer Epps
Engineering Command Craig Henry
Point Tester Matt Gradwohl
Content Commander Douglas Herring
Major Print Designer Chris Lassen
Lieutenant Editor Diana Keithahn
Point Writer Scott Johnson, Jonathan Seal
Combat Writer Victor Cross
Boot Camp DI Penny Atcheson
Production Master Larry Boler
Help Medic Carl Juarez, Maximilien Klaisner
Combat Engineering Brett Burris, Matt Grawohl, Jeremy Robinson
Combat Testing James Evans, David Knopf, Andy Kriger, Tom McDowell, Jeff Spears, Thomas Zuccotti
Voices of War Russell Johnson (American), Jochen Liesche (German), Jim Wilson (American)
Sounds of War Elanor Rimassa
Business Battalion Jon Grande, Mike Matey, Edward Ventura
Product Support Officer Steven Kastner
Usability Test Officer Tom Brooks
Vid Compress Annie Ferferson
IP Liason Officer Christine Pullo
Combat Cartographer Andrea Heuston
Illustrations John Henry Batchelor, Michael D. Doubler, Douglas Herring, Kieran Phelan, Jean Restayn
Atomic Games Chief Keith Zabalaoui
Project Manager Doug Walker
Historian & Scenario Designer Eric Young
Lead WIN95 Programmer Jeffrey Wesevich
WIN95 Programming Mike Traffanstead
Lead MacOS Programmer Steve Mariotti
Tactical AI Programmer John D. Anderson
Strategic AI Programmer Gary Riley
Network Programmer Joe Rumsey
3D Artist Chuck Anderson
Office Manager Renee Zabalaoui
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