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Body Blows

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Enhanced edition

One year after the original Amiga release, Team 17 published an enhanced version of Body Blows based on the modified engine of the game used in the sequel - Body Blows Galactic and Ultimate Body Blows. The new version could be used only on Amigas equipped with an AGA chipset (all the graphics were redrawn from scratch). The game consisted of many new things: the possibility to choose all the characters instead of only four in a single player mode, resting time of the characters after three times fall, "mercy mode", three speed levels, changed game interface, improved handling and steering, smoother animation. Amongst new things, there is also a new type of 2 player mode called "Tag Team". The difficulty level of the whole game is a bit lower and the characters more or less were kept on the similar strength and power abilities.

Version 2.0

In summer 1993 Team 17 released an updated version with number 2.0. It features increase in game's speed, adds shadows to the characters, makes available selection of all characters in the Story mode and removes the time limit during Max and T17 fights.


The obvious reference existing in the game is the last opponent. His name is Max and you need to fight him twice: once when he is in his human form and the second time when he is in his true exoskeleton form named T-17 and looks exactly as T-800 from "Terminator" movie.

Cheat mode

The game has a built-in cheat mode. Among many other things one of its features is giving the possibility to play as Max. In order to enable a cheat mode you need to be aware of the version you owned - its activation is different in regular version and in 2.0 version. A completely different cheat mode is in the Enhanced (AGA) version of the game.

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