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Children of Silentown

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Windows credits (2023)

106 People (102 developers, 4 thanks)

Created by Elf Games

Creative Director
Game Designers
Art Director
Sound Designers
Test Manager
Localization Manager
Localization Supervisor
Background Artists
Italian Proofreader
Singer (Credits Song)

In collaboration with Luna2

Original Concept
Character Designer
Cutscene Artist
Background Artists

Published by Daedalic Entertainment

CEO & Founder

Daedalic Entertainment: Publishing

Executive Producer
Publishing & Business Development Director
Director Communications
Product Manager
Community Strategist
Influencer Relations Manager
Senior Producer
Junior Producer
Media Designers

Daedalic Entertainment: Sales

International Sales Managers
Product & Submission Manager

Daedalic Entertainment: Quality Assurance

Head of QA
Deputy Head of QA
QA Lead Tester
QA Testers

Daedalic Entertainment: DevOps & Mastering

Head of Production
Console Porting

Daedalic Entertainment: Localization

Localization Director
Localization Manager

Daedalic Entertainment: Customer Support

Customer Support

Daedalic Entertainment: IT Administration

System Administrator
IT Working Student

Daedalic Entertainment: Human Resources

Head of Finance and HR

Daedalic Entertainment: Accounting


Porting: SneakyBox

Lead Engineering

Voice Acting: English

English Voice Recording
  • OMUK
Voice Director
Casting Director
Dialogue Mastering
Dialogue Recording

Voice Acting: Italian

Italian Voice Recording
  • Elf Games
  • Luna2
Narrator IT
Sound Engineer

Voice Acting: German and Japanese

German and Japanese Voice Recording
  • Synthesis Deutschland GmbH
Project Management
Voice Direction
Sound Engineer
Casting & Booking
Narrator DE
Narrator JP

Localization, Proofreading and LQA

English Proofreading
German Translation and LQA
From the Void Project Manager
From the Void Team Mascot
  • Indy
French Translation and LQA
Spanish Translation and LQA
Latin American Spanish Translation and LQA
Brazilian Portuguese Translation and LQA
Russian Translation and LQA
Hungarian Translation and LQA


Korean Translation and LQA
Japanese Translation and LQA
Simplified Chinese Translation and LQA
Traditional Chinese Translation and LQA
  • Moo

AiBell Game Localization

Project Management
Turkish Translation and LQA


Additional Resources
  • www.freesfx.co.uk
Special Thanks
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  • All rights reserved
  • © 2022 Daedalic Entertainment GmbH
  • The Daedalic logo is a trademark of Daedalic Entertainment GmbH - Germany
  • All rights reserved

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