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Average score: 83% (based on 22 ratings)

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Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 43 ratings with 3 reviews)

They don't make adventure games like this anymore

The Good
The usual stylish graphics of the Bitmap Brothers are present throughout this title, though it is often overlooked compared to their other games. A great little game in its own right. Reminded me of 'head over heels' and other classic Isometric puzzle games.

Its mainly the mood and atmosphere of the game that won me over. Reading scrolls and going through the belongings of the dead of the empty castle, can be quite eerie - and sucks you into the story throughout the five large levels.

The Bad
If you never finished a 'rubik's cube' , then like most of us you'll probably struggle with this game. Even if you did, its a real challenge - as some of the puzzles seem fairly illogical in their solutions.

The controls & interface can be quite fiddly - especially in close encounters with the games many varied creatures & traps

The Bottom Line
At times frustrating, but ultimately rewarding & atmospheric puzzle-adventure

Amiga · by Ken0x (34) · 2005

Isometric puzzle feast

The Good
- great action-adventure game with good, even for today's retro gaming standards, isometric type of graphics

  • puzzles are interesting and its variety is really wide. You do not feel that each new puzzle mechanic idea is being used up extensively. Instead you constantly face new and fresh challenges

  • the same can be said about level design. There are five levels, each with a different setting and they do not feel like a bunch of repetitive locations . Map function is available but due to a good level design is barely used

  • to some degree game has an RPG flavour. Firstly, our hero receives XP points for his efforts but these do not add anything to the gameplay as we do not have any other statistics to improve on. Secondly there are many objects lying around which are not used for anything in the game. Due to that, you kind of feel that there is a world around you (not like in many typical adventure games)

  • it's rather a difficult game so one should be prepared to use external help occasionally. Many of puzzles are pretty tough but only a very few felt like not to be clued enough in the end.

    The Bad
    General problems with interface are:

  • shooting at anything is a tiresome experience and its good that there is not much of it in the game, the same can be said about jumping which can be frustrating while doing it in isometric environment. Fortunately, also not much of precise jumping puzzle exists in the game.

  • inventory sometimes very crowded and limited space forces you to find conveniently located "inventory room" in which you can put excess of stuff you carry

  • reading anything is sometimes a tiring experience. Each page of reading material always disappears after the same time frame irrespective of amount of text to be read. This results in being stuck with reading some of it more than once. Also each one which contains more than one page has to be dropped to read any subsequent pages.

Sound effects/music - sound effects not very diverse, all monsters die in the same way by giving annoying scream which does not sound suitable for some of them (screaming spider ?!), its similar for walking, shooting, casting spells.

  • music not existing at all beside intro sequence

    The Bottom Line
    I have no idea why did not get into this one in my Amiga days. Good action-adventure game with great puzzles and level design somehow hindered by mediocre interface. Great for any fan of retro gaming.

Amiga · by Wojtek Mata (4) · 2014

A great experience

The Good
This is a game made of love by the programmers. There's so much variation - so many small details, that I simply don't know where to start.

Most important; this game is so full of puzzles that you are in for a long-time experience. And I found must of them having just the right balance between logic and frustration. Every single time you think, a puzzle can't be solved and turn off the computer in despair, your suddenly realize that there were still one thing you didn't try. And there you are, back at the computer,turning it on again, just to try out if your idea was right.

The variation in the puzzles are unbelievable and the fact that it also involve jumping, shooting and other arcade oriented ways of solving them, just add to the experience. None of the arcade elements dominates. At the end of the day, each step of progress is done by thinking.

Graphically there is so many small details, (especially after the first level) that it end being an important part off the experience. The longer you get in this game the more your wondering what is behind the next door. This isn't a scrolling game, but it only add to the urge to get to the next room, so you can see what it has to offer.

The game follow the usually Bitmap Brothers design - meaning it starts out a little boring. But the effect later on is worth it. You will be more and more involved as the you progress. And should you come as far as to the third level, there is no way this game will let you go, before it's completed.

I adore the save system, where you must spend some of the treasures found, to be able to save. Personally I hate save systems that allow you to save constantly without penalty. Saving should be part of the game too - Making you consider if the benefit will be worth the cost. And it is just prove this game main point - everything is build around gameplay.

And that's why this game still oozes quality. It's all about how busy you mind is puzzling with decisions, solutions and new challenges during the exploring of the castle. Believe me, your brain will be working overtime - and you will enjoy it all the way. The gameplay of Cadaver has class - and that's why it still holds - more than 15 years after it has been released.

The Bad
Well there is a couple of annoying bits, but most of them can't destroy the experience. The control of the character take quite some time getting used to. And without a joystick, don't even bother! But If you got an old fashion arcade oriented joystick, like the ones for the old Amiga-computers, then you will get used to the controls if you give it a go.

The game is from 1990/1991 and it shows in the presentation. The intro and worse the end game sequence is nearly non-existing. The animation (graphic) - and the sound is horrible. But the rooms are okay, and in their own peculiar way atmospheric - mostly because of the variation.

But that's it. Besides the control its only the cosmetic (presentation, graphic and sound) which aren't to my satisfactory. Every element of substance (variation, challenge, depth), is as it should be.

The Bottom Line
If puzzles is your way of gameplay, then this game will deliver. Probably to the point, where you will be in over your head.

DOS · by René Pedersen (9) · 2008

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