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Akumajō Dracula: The Arcade

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Akumajō Dracula: The Arcade is a rail shooter in the long running Castlevania series.

Players can choose to either play as the whip wielding Vampire Hunter or the gun toting martial artist known as Lady Gunner. The game uses a motion controller where players have to wave the controller in order to swing the whip or use martial arts for up close enemies. For further away enemies players have to click a trigger on the controller in order to use their sub weapons. The Vampire Hunter's subweapons are the traditional Castlevania fare of daggers, axes, holy water, and the cross while the Lady Gunner uses different ammo types which include normal bullets, armor piercing rounds, shotgun shells, and holy ammo. Each subweapon has different properties and area of effect so knowing which one to use when is an important factor to consider. Each use of a subweapon will cost the player hearts, with hearts being found throughout stages typically inside candles. There is one more powerful additional special attack the player can use but a meter that fills over time needs to be maxed out before it can be implemented.

The game contains 5 chapters. Each chapter ends with a boss fight. The game then assigns a rank for how well the player did on that chapter and also awards the player with bonus attribute points which can be spent on things like health increases or making subweapons more powerful.

If the player has the e-Amusement Pass (a memory card type device) more options are available. Players can save their progress and can also unlock the character dubbed the Little Witch, who uses a magic book as her main weapon and uses fire, ice, and wind scrolls as her subweapons.

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