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Dead Pace 2023

The Good
- Characters are given more screen time, which they do not waste and trying to actually develop more. New voice actors are mostly good. Added some references to other titles in the series. Isaac talks now. - Devs tried to encourage players to use weapons other than plasma cutter more. Bald attempt, somewhat efficient. Overall little balance changes here and there are welcome. - No loading screens, semi-open world (ship), added couple of side-quests for uncovering more info about side-characters. Security Levels system, which encourages backtracking to open new areas. - Shooting sections (and boss fights to some degree) were greatly improved. - Looks good. Sounds good. Old soundtrack has been remixed in some places.

The Bad
- Some story bits were changed for the worst. Same goes for some characters or perfomances (Kyne & partially Hammond). - Last chapter is somewhat anticlimactic in its direction. Both in characters drama and the boss fight, seems more clumsy. Liked the old one more. - New score is hit and miss. Mostly miss. - PC optimization isn't amazing. Far from it.

The Bottom Line
Well made. But getting pretty tired from all the remakes.

Windows · by SanfordMorgan · 2023

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