Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None

aka: Agatha Christie. Y no quedó ninguno, Agatha Christie: Deset malých černoušků, Agatha Christie: Devinez-qui? Adapté de Dix Petits Nègres, Agatha Christie: E Non Ne Rimase Nessuno , Agatha Christie: I nie było już nikogo..., Agatha Christie: Und dann gabs keines mehr
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This is the video game adaptation of one of the world's most renowned mystery stories, written by the illustrious author Agatha Christie and originally published in 1939 under the name Ten Little Niggers and again in 1940 as And Then There Were None.

The story from the book: eight strangers receive an invitation to a gala party and go by boat to an elaborately decorated mansion on an isolated island. Shortly after their arrival, a storm develops leaving them, along with 2 servants, stranded on the island for several days until the weather permits the return of the boat. Soon, all 10 learn why they were brought here... to die as punishment for committing murders themselves! When the storm subsides and the boat returns, the boat's captain finds the murdered bodies of the 10 people in different locations on the island.

The game changes the original story to include the boat's captain, whom the player portrays, trapped on the island with the 10. The plot includes additional sub-plots, conversations and situations so that players are directly involved with the fate of the guests and themselves.

Interact with the others, explore the mansion and the island, and solve adventure-type puzzles. There are multiple endings depending on how many of the guests you succeed in saving as well as how quickly. Can you save any of the guests in time and live to tell the tale?


  • Агата Кристи: И никого не стало - Russian spelling

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Average score: 67% (based on 69 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 37 ratings with 3 reviews)

Very Good Game and looking forward for more Agatha Christie coming.

The Good
Very well conversion of the Novel into a great game. The Game keeps a tight grip on the player right from the beginning and it remains intact till the end.

The Sound Track is also awesome and arranges as per the game environment. The Graphics are also very nicely created. The Mansion and the surrounding as well as the side quests also makes this game real treat for the player.

The game Engine and the Graphics are also very well integrated with each other enabling the player to enjoy every moment of the game.

The Bad
Well, there is nothing much I didn't like about the game but the dialogue system could be much better giving the player chance to skip the sentences avoiding hearing the repeated narrations.

The Bottom Line
It's a very good game and a sure delight for Christie Fans. It's the same great story about 10 Strangers each is having a deep dark past which they wants to hide from everyone, but it is been revealed.

The game provides dark and creepy atmosphere and tense situations. If you have read the book or have seen the movie no matter because it provides different endings with great twists.

A sure delight for Suspense & Mystery Adventurers.

Windows · by Usman Amir (512) · 2006

And then .. there was nothing

The Good
I have never read the book on which this game was based, but I have seen various television and movie adaptations. All of them were marvelous and I looked forward to playing a game with the same plot.

The contents of both CDs are installed completely onto your hard drive, so you can put the game away after installation. Referring to the manual will help you navigate around the house, though, so keep it handy.

There is nothing unusual about the simple point-and-click interface. Icons for movement, pick up, examine and use are present. Inventory items can be looked at, taken apart and combined inside the "bag". You also have a notebook to refer to if you choose.

The atmosphere is one of pending doom and the music reflects that, as does the storm brewing outside the mansion. Graphics of the house and Shipwreck Island (where the mansion is located) seem realistic enough. The voices of the actors and actresses are marvelous in the English version. The puzzles are integrated into the story very well and are very easy, for the most part.

The story is presented in 10 chapters following the verses the poem. One by one the guests are murdered off until "there were none". It is nice that you do have a chance to save one, two or none of them and that the endings will reflect what happens in each case. And then .. you are given an opportunity to see how Agatha Christie's original story was told in a "final treat".

The Bad
The individuals stranded on the island are drawn stupidly .. akin to what we used to see from that obsolete french company (some of you will know to whom I refer). Blocky bodies; teeth either missing or all too white and in the wrong places; funky body movements.

There's entirely too much conversation and trampling up and down stairs to find people to talk to. And not being able to escape out of the conversations (and comments) was irritating.

The pathways around the island are not very clear. Even with a map your view changes often and it's easy to get lost or at least to forget which paths lead where.

The Bottom Line
I must say I was disappointed with this first Agatha Christie game. It felt more like a Nancy Drew mystery than a real Christie thriller. Somewhat fun, yes .. just not a great game .. and easy to forget.

Windows · by Jeanne (75302) · 2006

Followed the book but was a bit disappointing.

The Good
I love the fact that the game followed the book. You could change the ending by either omitting saving someone or deciding to save them. The puzzles and things to do when investigating were fun and you had more than just one area to search. The weather scenes were very realistic and it did seem to draw you into the mystery. Interaction with each character was necessary and gave great detail and information to help solve the mystery.

The Bad
There was no way to speed through the conversations. Usually you simply hit the space key or enter. At times the conversations seemed to take forever. There are some things you can do in the game that are not necessary to win. However, if not done in the correct order you do not have the ability to do them if you decide you wanted to. Most of the time you cannot continue on unless you do everything exactly right.

The Bottom Line
It's a bit complex but enjoyable. The dark scenery and the mystery is enough to keep you captivated. Graphics, music, and the personalities of the characters draw you in easily. At the end of the game they give you the actual ending of the book and the reasons behind it.

Windows · by Wanda Pettigrew (2) · 2005


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In an obvious attempt to be more ethnically sensitive, The Adventure Company has used an entirely new name for the 10 guests. Printed as an over-sheet and attached on the right inside cover is a poem (see Advertising Blurbs for a transcription). In the poem, the main characters are called Ten Little Sailor Boys. In the novel the poem was (depending on the release) Ten Little Niggers or Ten Little Indians

Source Adaptions

Book Description:

Ten people, each with something to hide and something to fear, are invited to a lonely mansion on Indian Island by a host who, surprisingly, fails to appear. On the island they are cut off from everything but each other and the inescapable shadows of their own past lives. One by one, the guests share the darkest secrets of their wicked pasts. And one by one, they start to die...

Book Publishing: * 1939, London: Original title 'Ten Little Niggers' by William Collins Sons & Co. * 1940, New York: Title changed to 'And Then There Were None' by Dodd, Mead & Co.

Stage: * Adapted with a more romantic ending in 1943 by Agatha Christie. It opened in London at St. James Theatre November 17, 1943 titled 'Ten Little Niggers' and as 'Ten Little Indians' in the US at Broadhurst Theatre in New York City on June 27, 1944.

Films: * 'And Then There Were None', 1945 was the first feature film version and produced in the US by Twentieth Century Fox. * The second, 'Ten Little Indians', 1965, was by Seven Arts Films in England with the setting moved to a remote mountain top castle in the Austrian Alps. * The third film, 'Ten Little Indians', 1975, was produced by Avco-Embassy, Inc. with the setting in a remote hotel in the Iranian desert. * The fourth, again titled 'Ten Little Indians', 1989, was produced by Breton Films who moved the locale to an African safari.

The film adaptations all retained the ending of the play, rather than the original of the novel.

TV: BBC produced a TV version of the stage adaptation, which aired as a live drama on August 20, 1949 as 'Ten Little Niggers'.


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