The Divine Deception

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Something's happening in Panthea... Most are blind to it, most go from day to day oblivious. But for those who can see farther, the winds of change are impossible to miss. The upcoming election has provided a surprising challenger against the incumbent Governor. The largest company in the city is going through a phase of corporate restructuring. The criminal underworld seems to be slowly collapsing in on itself. And all the while, a mysterious string of killings have begun to put everybody on their toes. There's a grand lie being told to everyone around, and if the truth isn't revealed soon, Panthea will end up in flames. Care to learn the truth? Read through The Divine Deception, and find out. (The Divine Deception is a Visual Novel which you read through, with occasional minigames, puzzles, or quizzes in which you can win currency to purchase bonus unlockables. It will take about 30 hours to beat completely.)

7 Perspectives to view the city through!

A single viewpoint isn't enough to find what lies behind the masks. Travel between seven different stories at your own pace, and see what Panthea has in store for you! Be it a private investigator, a professional conman, or even an assassin, each and every path has plenty of twists to keep you on your toes. In The Divine Deception, you decide when to change which storyline you're reading.

4 different minigame types to conquer!

Surviving Panthea isn't an easy task. To stay ahead of the competition, you've got to construct brilliant deductions, cycle through trains of logic, quickly react to sudden fights, and methodically hack through difficult firewalls. The four minigame types challenge different skills, from deductive reasoning to quick time reaction to Sudoku-esque puzzle solving. Each of the minigame types has 3 difficulty options, and you can change difficulties any time!

Bet on the outcomes of story events!

The myth of Panthea is a story told. The real action takes place in a different place, at a different time. You and a mysterious stranger can watch over the tales, and using the chips you win through the minigames, bet on their individual fates. A sharp mind and good instincts can lead you to a fortune, but foolish gambling could cost you dearly.

Full of prizes!

What good are chips without something to spend them on? At the end of the story, cash in your winnings for a wide assortment of prizes. From concept art to a soundbox to special questions to a narrator's commentary to all sorts of extra surprises, there's sure to be something worth buying.

For those who wish to take part in the story, know this. Nothing is promised. Whatever fates the characters reach, they earned them by their own merits, and little can be done to change them.

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Credits (Windows version)

17 People (15 developers, 2 thanks)

CG Art
Sprite Placement
Hacking Puzzles
  • SHSL Awkwardness
  • Duo
  • DestinyShiva
  • Spaghetti
  • SHSL Awkwardness (credited as SHSLAwkwardess)
  • Chestnut
  • Dramadog
Special Thanks
  • J
  • And Thank You, For Making This Happen

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