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Crash! (90 out of 100) (90%)

Originality in a game is sometimes a question of an entirely new idea, and sometimes it’s a question of intelligently re-using old ideas in a new way. Turmoil is one of the latter sort, and a very good one. All the elements have been combined like a classic recipe to make an excellently playable, funny and addictive game that has an entirely new flavour to it. There is also a very good training mode which gives you an opportunity to have a go on the higher screens for practice. There are marvellous animated graphics, and the leaping Arabs flashing their long scimitars are particularly good. A very good game that should keep you playing for quite some time.

Dec 1984 · ZX Spectrum · read review

Computer and Video Games (CVG) (32 out of 40) (80%)

As platform games go for the Spectrum, Bug Byte started it all with Manic Miner. Turmoil continues the craze which the company started and it's just as good. (...) Graphics are as good as any similar game on the Spectrum and sound effects are as bad. But it does playa reasonable version of Stand Up and Fight from Carmen.

Jan 1985 · ZX Spectrum · read review

Your Spectrum (10.5 out of 15) (70%)

A nice change from the usual selection of platform games. The springs are a great idea and the bouncing Arabs are enough to give you a case of the Sheikhs!

Feb 1985 · ZX Spectrum · read review

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