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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 5 1.7
Amstrad CPC Awaiting 5 votes...
Atari ST Awaiting 5 votes...
Commodore 64 Awaiting 5 votes...
ZX Spectrum Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 5 1.7

Critic Reviews

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ZX SpectrumCrash! (Sep, 1991)
Make no mistake, for all its gloss and features First Division Manager is still a strategy-oriented game at heart. But it's very, very good and even if you haven't fancied one before this could be the one to get you playing football manager games.
Commodore 64Top Secret (Jan, 1994)
Większość fanów piłki nożnej po wygranej ich ulubionego zespołu wiwatuje na cześć należących do niego zawodników. Prawie nikt nie wie o tym, że w sukcesie danej drużyny duży wkład pracy ma menedżer. Jeśli sądzisz, że jest inaczej to możesz się sam o tym przekonać, wcielając się w takiego menedżera. Możesz to zrobić np: za pomocą gry "First Division Manager".
Atari STST Format (May, 1992)
There isn't all that much you can do with a football simulation, so it's all down to the details that are included in each. First Div Man. is all right in this department but not as promising - if that's the word you can apply to something as unriveting as football management - as the forthcoming Domark game. Graphically it's extremely simple but at least an effort has been made to make what are basically text screens look reasonably interesting. There's nothing particularly startling here, but nothing that's really laughably awful either. Could be worth a look if you hanker after a life of accountancy.
AmigaAmiga Format (May, 1992)
The idea is to get your team to win everything. You do this by making decisions, buying players, training them and generally optimising your chances. It's a mouse-controlled text-heavy clicking session spiced up with the odd graphics as you make your do-or-die-choices. When you're happy, it's off the pitch-side to watch what look like the Kick Off guys, as they rush during bouts of goal-mouth action. You can't control them, you can only sit helpless as they cock up every chance that comes their way.
Commodore 64Commodore Force (May, 1993)
The match highlights are well displayed, but managerial manipulation is very basic. The information on each player is kept to a minimum, and during matches you can't change your orders! This is fine when all's well, but being unable to give the team new advice when you're four goals down is extremely disheartening. By no means as bad as some managerial romps, but hardly Premier League material.
Commodore 64All Game Guide (1998)
Because of the focused subject matter and the team management elements of 1st Division Manager, only soccer fans need apply for a franchise. If you fall in that category, you may want to try your hand at guiding a team to the top of the standings.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Oct, 1991)
Fairly good management sequences but the whole thing's ruined by the appaling arcade bit.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Mar, 1992)
Ein Soccer-Manager der Budget-Spezialisten von Codemasters - das könnte doch ganz interessant sein! Also begab sich Kicker-Cup-Trainer Borgmeier zur Inspektion ins Amiga-Stadion. Nach einer Halbzeit war er wieder daheim und versicherte uns: "Länger hatte ich dieses Drama einfach nicht ausgehalten - 1st Division Manager zählt zu den armseligsten Kreationen, die je auf diesem Gebiet hervorgebracht wurden!"