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2 Shot Diary Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
Mink logo
Main menu, choosing the episodes
In this episode, you play a female tutor
Wow, what a wealth of... KNOWLEDGE! :)
You should work hard to SUCK IN all that knowledge... :)
This girl goes to a party...
...only to discover that it's an orgy
I think I'm beginning to like it...
Don't move, miss, it's just a little PRICK...
Each episode begins with a short animation
This one is pretty simple: boyfriend gone - masturbation begins!
The obligatory little girl episode
A stranger enters my room...
Perverts of all countries, unite!
Oh wow, what a swimming suit!
Look at it well, boys!
Gangbang begins...
Locker room in a school
Teacher, you are nasty!
Principal, you are VERY nasty!..
Lesbian school girls
Oh, the passion...
Sex in the bathroom
Dig the colors
Voyeur episode
Still better to do it than watch it
Threesome episode
Usage of... tools
Threesome in progress
The obligatory nurse episode
In this episode, the heroine wants to buy a bra
Here, let me help you!
Uh-oh, I don't like this...
Waitress episode
I'll do anything to satisfy my customers!..
Oh wow, what the hell is this?? SUSHI oral sex??..
More group sex on the way