2006 Real Soccer Screenshots

User Screenshots

J2ME version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Choosing teams for friendly.
Players entering the field.
Today's lineups.
Time for kick off!
Having the ball down the line.
Good chance here.
But the keeper seems to be first on it.
The keeper about to kick the ball back in play.
Having the ball on the midfield.
It's a Super Shot!
Viewing the keeper saving in replay mode.
Playing defense
He's through!
The keeper can't reach it!
...and he scores. GOAL!
And you can see how happy they are.
The fans are celebrating.
Shooting from a distance
Heading the ball
Free kick in a good position.
The English knows how to celebrate a victory.
Statistics after the match
Team Selection for cup
Intro screen for a International Cup
Compete against teams from all over the world.
Team Info
While loading, hints will be presented to the player.