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Steel Division II: Nemesis #6 - Siege of Dunkirk

aka: Steel Division 2: Nemesis #6 - Siege of Dunkirk

Official Description

Nemesis: Siege of Dunkirk centers on a long-running operation, far behind the front, that began in September 1944 but only finished after World War II. The remarkable Allied siege of Axis-held Dunkirk on the French coast of the English Channel.

The latest Steel Division 2 mini-expansion pits the hardened and ever-raiding Festung Dunkirchen garrison against the Allied armored battlegroup CIABG made up of Czecholosovakian troops and Free French soldiers.

Nemesis: Siege of Dunkirk is a community-voted DLC offering two brand-new battlegroups meticulously researched and expertly modeled. A host of unique new units, with new skins, accurate voice lines and weapon loadouts, await to be commanded in solo, coop, or multiplayer.

Festung Dunkirchen

Tasked with holding on to the critical port of Dunkirk, Festung Dunkirchen kept up the fight until the war’s end. Unlike similarly surrounded formations, the motley battlegroup kept up high morale and aggressivity, allowing commanders to deploy elite Stosstruppen and Jagdkampf raiders. The true strength of the division lies in its powerful artillery, support, and AA units, from Soviet-made Flak 31(r) 88mm to emplaced aircraft guns Erdkampflafette 43 and captured French K 419(f) 155mm guns. Festung Dunkirchen excels in defensive combat.


The Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade Group (CIABG) was formed from Czechoslovakian troops who got their first taste of combat at Dunkirk in 1944. Augmented by British, Canadian, and Free French units, including FFO Fusiliers-Marins assault scouts, the CIABG can call on a wide array of armored vehicles, from the new recon Humber LRC Mk. III to the Cromwell VII and uparmored Cromwell VIII. Strong artillery and AA forces, even siege guns, such as the BL 7,2-inch 182,9mm, can be deployed. The CIABG can field an impressive array of armor on the battlefield.

Main Features

  • Command two unique battlegroups in solo, skirmish or online multiplayer: the besieged but resolute forces of Festung Dunkirchen or the tank-supported Czechoslovakian CIABG.

  • Discover dozens of new units, from Kriegsmarine recon KM Jagdkommando and Festung Grenadiers to captured Flak 28(p) 40mm. From Converted RAF infantry and AEC ACV command trucks to heavy Cromwell VIII and GPF 155mm howitzers.

  • New Czech and Slovakian voice-overs for realistic radio chatter and combat-infused dialogue.

Source: Steam Store Description

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