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Meirin in Fists of Fire

Official Description


90's style super real battle action where live-action men fight in cosplay.

A little upgraded from the package version and now on Steam!

24 playable characters and 27 stages in total!

Of course, there is a dedicated BGM for every stage!

No complicated command input,

Simple operability that allows you to activate special moves and spell cards with one button!

A combo that easily connects with a big character who narrows the screen and rampages!



It is a mode to fight through CPU battles.

If you proceed without being robbed of one round, the true last boss will be waiting for you at the end.

(If you proceed with MEIRIN, a dedicated last boss will appear!)


This mode allows you to play local matches with your friends.

(It will be single [1 ON 1].)

[Development tools]

・ 2D Fighter Maker 2nd

Source: Steam Store Description


  • FISTS OF FIRE 美鈴伝説 - Japanese spelling

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