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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

aka: Die Chroniken Von Narnia: Der König Von Narnia

Game Boy Advance credits (2005)

80 People (57 developers, 23 thanks)

Amaze Entertainment

Executive Producers
Executive Studio Director
Senior Producer
Associate Producer
Level Designer
Art Director
Lead Artist
Character Modeling and Animation
Background Artist
Interface Artist
Senior Programmer
Lead Programmer
Music Design
Sound Design
Testing Lead
Software Testers
Additional Art
Additional Programming
Creative Director
Director of Development Services
Director of Operations and Financing
Director of Marketing
Special Thanks to Amaze Entertainment Operations
Special Thanks

Buena Vista Games

Executive Producer
Producer, Game Design
Lead Artist
Technology Manager
Assistant Producer, Localization
Senior Manager, Localization
Senior Manager, Marketing
Associate Manager, Marketing
Director, Public Relations
Director, Game Design
Director, Quality Assurance
Supervisor, Quality Assurance
Project Lead, Quality Assurance
Testers, Quality Assurance
Supervisor, Certification
Customer Support Liason
Game Design Consultant
Special Thanks to

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