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Stop the Express

aka: Bousou Tokkyuu Sos, Pánico en el express

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The ITA Express is under the control of the vicious Redmen, and cannot be allowed to continue its momentum. This is where you come in as a Security Guard, as you start on top of the final carriage of the train and must walk across it, jumping over the gaps, to reach the front. Redmen must be kicked into oblivion with a precise contact before they can throw you off the train; they will also throw knives, which must be ducked.

You can turn the tables thanks to the Snakebird, which will pick you up if you jump into it, and allow you to drop on top of a Redman. You have a limited amount of time to reach the front, indicated by the ground moving backwards as the train moves forwards. In the second part of the game you are inside the train, trying to survive long enough for the whole thing to begin again with increased difficulty.


  • 暴走特急SOS - Japanese spelling


Credits (ZX Spectrum version)

5 People

  • © Hudson Soft 1983
Documentation & Packaging
  • © Sinclair Research Ltd 1984
Cover Illustration



Developer cameo

The "ITA" of the "ITA express" that must be stopped comes from the surname of the game's developer, Fumihiko Itagaki.

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