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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Nintendo Switch credits (2023)

1,408 People (1,148 developers, 260 thanks)


Assistant Director
Game Design
Technical Director
Programming Director
Programming Lead
Player Programming
Battle System Architect
Enemy Programming
Object Programming
NPC Programming
Event Programming
Physics Programming
Animation System Programming
AI Navigation Programming
UI Programming
Terrain Programming
Environment Programming
Graphics Programming
VFX Programming
Sound Programming
System Programming
Tool Development Supervisor
Game Tool Development
Pipeline Engineering
Technical Artist
QA Engineering
Localization Tool Development
Web Tool Development
Infrastructure Engineering
Programming Support
Art Director
Senior Lead Artist: Landscape
Senior Lead Artists: Character
Senior Lead Artist: Enemy
Senior Lead Artist: Animation
Senior Lead Artist: VFX
Senior Lead Artist: UI
Senior Lead Artist: Environment / Lighting
Lead Artists: Landscape
Lead Artists: Character
Lead Artist: Animation
Lead Artist: Production
Lead Artists: VFX
Lead Artist: Landscape / Technical
Character Rigging
Technical Animation
Landscape Art
Character Art
Enemy Art
Character Action
Enemy Action
Production Art
VFX Design
UI Design
Landscape Modeling
Character Modeling
Gameplay Animation
Paraglider Art
Art Team Support
Cinematic Director
Assistant Cinematic Director
Cinematic Storyboard Art
Cinematic Storyboard Animation
Cinematic Storyboard Editor
Cinematic Design
Cinematic Animation
Motion Capture Coordinator
Motion Capture Actors
Motion Capture Operators
Motion Capture Assistants
Sound Director
Sound Design
Japanese Voice
Technical Support
NOA Localization Management
NOA Localization
NOA Product Testing
English Voice Direction
English Voice
English Voice Support
Latin American Spanish Voice Director
Latin American Spanish Voice
Latin American Spanish Voice Support
NOE Localisation Management
NOE Localisation Producers
NOE Translation
NOE Quality Assurance
French Voice Director
French Voice
Italian Voice Director
Italian Voice
German Voice Director
German Voice
European Spanish Voice Director
European Spanish Voice
Russian Voice Director
Russian Voice
Asian Localization Coordination
NHL Localization
iQue Localization
NOK Localization
Associate Management
Project Management
Production Management
Assistant Producer
Special Thanks
General Producers
Executive Producer
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