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Chessmaster 6000

aka: Guoji Xiangqi Dashi 6000
Moby ID: 2034

[ Macintosh ] [ Windows ]

Windows credits (1998)

57 people (53 professional roles, 4 thanks) with 63 credits.

Director Donald W. Laabs
Project Manager David Cobb
Software Design David Cobb, Phil Davidson, Donald W. Laabs, John Merlino, James Stoddard, Hyungsuk Suh
Art Director Jeff Griffeath
Content Manager Becca Martinson
Producer Stanley Biesiadecki, Justin Kubiak
Marketing / PR Lori Steiner
Chess Engine Johan de Koning
Music / Sound Programming Doug Brandon
Database Programming Jessica Harmsen, Marc Derksen, Hans Kuijf, Johan de Koning
Acting / Voiceovers Denny Delk, Jeanne Reynolds, Josh Waitzkin
Ches Tutorials Robert Burger, Nick DeFirmian, Bruce Pandolfini, Yasser Seirawan
Tutorial Scripting Shawn Storc
Animation Eric Tangborn, John Donaldson, Larry Evans, Nick DeFirmian, Ralph Dubisch, Yasser Seirawan
Documentation Emma Fox
History of Chess and Chess Glossary M. L. Rantala
Producer, Video Intro Jonathan Crosby
Editor, Video Intro Kia Simon
Author, Video Intro Josh Waitzkin
Installer and CD MAstering William Emery, Brian Tucker
Marketing Coordinator Stacy Winter
Packaging Nancy Croe
Quality Assurance Director Lisa Carr
Quality Assurance Manager Chris Gaffield
Quality Assurance Asst. Manager and Product Lead Buck Irving
Quality Assurance Testers Brian Fitz, Tim Innes, Ashley L. Bushore, Marty LaFleur, Eric Lucan, Matt McCoy
Intern Micah Richard
Additional Programming Mark Berrett, Richard L. Seaborne
Additional Graphics / Artwork Daniel L. Guerra, Gordon Silveria, Jan Sleeper
Additonal Content Shawn Wallace
Special Thanks To James Eade, Lucy Fox, Bonnie Waitzkin, Fred Waitzkin
Cover artwork by (uncredited) Gary Ruddell
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