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Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

aka: Bosi Wangzi: Wangzhe Wushuan, PoP: T2T, PoP: TTT, PoP: The Two Thrones, Prince of Persia 3: Les Deux Royaumes, Prince of Persia: Dva TrĆŻny, Prince of Persia: Dwa Trony, Prince of Persia: Futatsu no Tamashii, Prince of Persia: I Due Troni, Prince of Persia: Kindred Blades, Prince of Persia: Las Dos Coronas, Prince of Persia: Rival Swords
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Windows credits (2005)

644 people (611 professional roles, 33 thanks) with 702 credits.

Production Team (Montréal)

Executive Producer
Associate Producers
Creative Director
Art Director
Lead Programmer
Project Technical Director
Lead Game Designer
Lead Level Designer
Team Lead AI & Gameplay
Animation Director
Director of Photography
Art Production Manager
Lead Audio Designer
Graphic Technical Director
Animation Technical Directors
Character Special Effects
In-Game Cinematic Technical Director
Lead QA
Project Coordinator
Human Resources Counsellor
Creative Consultant

Creative Team (Montréal)

Story by
Script by
Game Designer
Senior Level Designers
Level Design Team
In-Game Camera Team

Art Team (Montréal)

Team Lead Graphics
Level Artists
3D Modelers
Lead Character Modeler
Character Modelers
Lighting Artist
Special Effects
Menu and Interface
Storyboard Artist

Programming Team (Montréal)


QA Team (Montréal)

Lead QA
Programmer QA
Data Management
Tools Testers

Animation Team (Montréal)


Sound Team (Montréal)

Lead Audio Designer Dialog
Sound Integration

Production Marketing (Montréal)

Marketing Game Manager
Marketing Coordinators
Marketing Artists

Pre-Production Team (Casablanca)

Casablanca Studio Director
Associate Producer
Project Coordinator
Production Assistant
Creative Director
Art Director
Art Production Manager
Art Technical Director
Lead Game Designer
Lead Level Designer
Lead Engine Designer
Lead AI Programming
Animation Director
Lead Sound Designer
Animation Technical Director
Character Special Effects

Quality Control

Quality Control Studio Manager
Quality Control Project Managers
Quality Control Lead Testers
Quality Control Test Team
Lead Hardware Compatibility Technician
Hardware Compatibility Technician

User Testing Team


Cinematic Team

Studio Director
Associate Producers
Art Director
Animation Director
Second Director, Crowd
Producer E3 Trailer
Concept Art/Story-Board Artist
Texture Artist
Lighting Technical Direction
Matte Painting
Visual Effects
Visual Effects Crowd
Motion Capture Performers
Technical Direction
Data Manager

Additional Cinematic

Production Assistant

Studio Neomis Animation

Production Jurist
Artistic Director
Animation Director
Technical Coordinator
Special Effects & Renders Coordinator
Programmer Analyst
Motion Capture Atopos
Texture Artists
Lighting and Pre-Compositing
Special Effects


Lead Compositor

Sound Studio

Director of Sound Studio
Technical & Artistic Director
Sound Engineers
Sound Editors
Foley Artists
Voice Director
Voice Coordinator
Voices recorded in Monntreal at Point D'Orgue Studio by
Voice Editors
Voice Talents
Also starring
Music composed by
Music performed by
Music co-produced by
Music mixed by
Orchestration and Music Prep
Warner Brothers Engineer
Studio Manager
Orchestra Contractor
Solo Vocalist
Ethnic Flutes and Duduk
Choir Director
Concert Meister
Music recorded at
  • The Clint Eastwood Sound Stage [Warner Brothers; California]
Music mixed at
  • Inon Zur Studios


Localization Director
Localization Project Manager
Lead Integrator
Linguistic QA
Voice Direction
With the Voices of

Ubisoft Montreal Studio

President Ubisoft Montreal
CEO Ubisoft Montreal
Executive Vice President Editorial
Vice President of Continuous Improvement
Director of Project Management Office
Technology Board
Director of Research and Development

Creative Team

Game Design Team
Level Design Team
Additional Level Designers
Art Team
Additional Modelers
In-Game Camera
Storyboard Artist
Programming Team
Animation Team
Character Artist
Sound Integrator
Technical Service

Technology Group: Sound Team

Lead Programmer

Technology Group: Tools Team

Lead Programmer

Technology Group: Framework Team

Lead Programmer

Technology Group: Research Team


Ubisoft Entertainment

International Production Director
Chief Creative Officier
Technical Board
Editorial Talent Manager
Editorial Scenarios Director
Editorial Cinematic Director
Editorial Game Design Director
Editorial Gameplay Director
Worldwide Projects Coordination Director
Editorial Marketing Director

EMEA Marketing

Marketing Director
Group Manager
Brand Manager
French Brand Manager
Italian Brand Manager
Spanish Brand Manager
English Brand Manager
German Brand Manager
Dutch Brand Manager
Belgium Brand Manager
Nordic Countries Brand Manager
Austrian Brand Manager
Australian Brand Manager
Swiss Brand Manager
Cinese Brand Manager
Director of Public Relations
Public Relations Manager
EMEA Online Community Manager
CRM Marketing Manager
EMEA Paper Part Coordinator
EMEA Traffic Manager

Ubisoft U.S.

Vice President of Marketing
Director of Marketing
Director Brand Management
Senior Brand Manager
Brand Manager
Director of Public Relations
Public Relations Manager
Media Specialist
Promotions Manager
Advertising Manager
Promotion Specialist
Senior Manager, Online Marketing
Manager, Online Marketing
Online Community Manager
Manager, Online Advertising
CRM Marketing Manager
VP of Creative Services
Creative Director
Senior Manager, Production Art
Project Manager
Senior Graphic Designer
Senior Copywriter
Copy Editor
Senior Video Specialist
AV Specialist
Website & Online Development
Site Producer
Channel Marketing
Prince of Persia Swordsmen
Special Thanks
  • Bink Video
Bink Video Copyright (C) 1997-2005 by
  • RAD Game Tools Inc.
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