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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

aka: Splinter Cell 3, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory HD

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Xbox credits (2005)

675 People (650 developers, 25 thanks)

Single Player & Coop Mode Development Team (Montreal)

Creative Director
Art Director
Lead Level Designer
Script Writer
Lead Animator
Animation Artistic Director
Single Player Lead Game Designer
Lead Artist
Technical Art Director
Lead Sound Designer
Lead Character Modeler
Single Player Associates Producers
Coop Mode Associate Producer
Coop Mode Lead Game Designer
Coop Mode Lead Level Designer
Coop Mode Lead Artist
Coop Mode Art Director
Co-producer - Project Closer
Project Coordinator
Marketing Game Manager
Special Creative Advisor
Special Technical Consultant

Creative Team

Single Player Level Designers
Coop Mode Level Designers
Technical Director
Lead Engine Programmer
Engine Programmer
Gameplay Programmer
Lead 3D Programmer
3D Programmers
Lead AI Programmer
AI Programmers
Animation Programmer
Interfaces/Network Programmer
Sound Programmer
Network/Multiplayer Programmer
Data Managers
Additional Programmers
Single Player Level Artists
Single Player Modelers
Single Player Shader Artists
Single Player SFX Artists
Menu and Interface Designer
Coop Mode Modelers
Coop Mode Texture Artists
Animation Technical Director
Single Player Animators
Coop Mode Animators
Character Rigger
Character Modelers
Sam Fisher's Original Design by
Coop Lead Sound Designer
Sound Integrators
Marketing Coordinators
Marketing Artists
Additional Writer
Directed by
Consultant for the Director
Tokyo Bar Sequence Directed by
Written by
Special Creative Advisor
Produced by
Artistic Direction by
Animation Direction by
Lip Sync by
Animation by
Modeling by
Rigging Technical Direction by
Texturing by
Lighting Technical Direction by
Rendering Verification by
Compositing by
Visual Effects by
Storyboard Art by
Graphic Design by
Concept Art by
Matte Painting by
Technical Direction by
Video Editing by
Special Thanks to
Additional Sequences by
  • Big Bang FX/Animation
Single Player Tutorial Video Game Capture
Single Player Tutorial Video Editing
Focus Tests Coordinator

Versus Mode Development Team (Annecy)

Associate Producers
Managing Director (Ubisoft Simulations - Annecy France)
Cost Controller
Hr. Lead Administrative
Lead Artists
3D Artists
Lead Animator
Lead Programmer
Additional Programming
Lead Game Designer
Lead Level Designer
Level Designers
Lead Sound Designer
Artistic Directors
Sound Designer
Sound Effects
Data Managers
Focus Test Coordinator
Co-lead Focus Tester
Focus Testers

Sound Studio

Sound Studio Director (Montreal)
Music Direction
Music Composed by
Cinematics Scored by
Sound Technical & Artistic Advisor
Lead Engineers
Sound Engineers
Sound Editors
Foley Artist
Voice Director
Voice Coordinators
Voices Recorded in Montréal at Point D'Orgue Studio by
Michael Ironside Recorded in L.A. at PCB Productions Studio by
Voice Editors
Cinematic Dialog Editor
Audio Technician
English Version - Voice Talent
French Version - Voice Talent
Italian Version - Voice Talents
Deutsche Version - Voice Talents
Spanish Version - Voice Talents
Also Starring
Sound Studio Executive Producer (France)
Sound Studio Production Assistant (France)
Localization Studio Manager
Project Managers
Text & Localization Integration
French Translation
French Recording
  • Studio La Marque Rose / Ubisoft Montreal
Italian Translation and Recording
  • Studio La Marque Rose / Ubisoft Montreal
German Translation and Recording
  • Partnertrans
Spanish Translation and Recording
  • Aguamass Media
Linguistic Tests
  • Bug Tracker
Quality Control Studio Manager (Montreal)
Lead Tester - Single Player
Assistant Lead Tester - Single Player
Testers - Single Player
Coop Mode Lead Tester
Coop Mode Assistant Lead Tester
Coop Mode Testers
Versus Mode Lead Testers
Versus Mmode Assistant Lead Testers
Versus Mode Testers
Lead Platform Specialist
Platform Specialists
Versus Mode Lead Tester (France)
Versus Mode Co-lead Tester (France)
Versus Mode Testers (France)

Credits - Ubi Soft Montreal

President - Ubi Soft Montreal
Executive Vice President - Editorial
Vice President - Technology
Vice President - Continuous Improvement
Vice President - Production
Vide President - Operations
Project Management Office Director
Director of Communications & Public Affairs
Production Marketing Director

Credits - Technology Group

Technology Group Director
Project Coordinator

Credits - Sound Team

Lead Programmer

Credits - Tools Team

Lead Programmer

Credits - Animation Team

Lead Programmer

Credits - Framework Team

Lead Programmer

Credits - Publisher : Ubisoft International

President & CEO
International Production Director
International Content Director
Technology Board
Editorial Talent Manager
Editorial Scenarios & Cinematic Director
Editorial Game Design Director
Editorial Gameplay Director
North America Studios Supervisor
Editorial Marketing Director
Marketing Game Manager
International Production Studio Manager
Approval Coordinators
Marketing Deliverable Director
Editorial Content Manager - Tom Clancy Games
Editorial Music Advisor

Credits - U.S. Marketing

U.S. Vice-President of Marketing
U.S. Director of Marketing
U.S. Director of Brand Management
U.S. Senior Brand Manager
U.S. Associate Brand Manager
U.S. Senior Public Relations Manager
U.S. Senior Online Marketing Manager
U.S. Community Managers

Credits - EMEA Marketing

EMEA Marketing Director
EMEA Studios Supervisor
EMEA Marketing Group Manager
EMEA Brand Manager
Special Thanks
Additional Music - Cybercafe Song Composed by
  • Alice and The Serial Numbers
Additional Music - "Resonance" and "One More Regret" Composed by
  • Kesshin
Additional Music - Hokkaido Exterior Garden Beat by
Additional Music - Soundtrack Composed by

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